How to Increase Sales by Offering Internet Banking

by | Aug 10, 2017

How to Increase Sales by Offering Internet Banking

Sell more online with POLi Internet Banking
We’ve partnered up with another payment gateway for Shopify, Polipay.

Polipay allows your customers to pay instantly via bank transfer, instead of using their credit or debit cards.

How will I sell more with Polipay?
If customer doesn’t have their card on them – they can’t pay…

But most people know their internet banking login. Meaning they can pay without their card.

And if your customer has maxed out their credit card, or their card gets declined – POLi Internet Banking gives them a way to pay.

What’s the transaction fee?
1% – 1-1000 transactions per month
0.9% – 1001-5000 transactions per month
0.8% – 5000+ transactions per month

  • You’ll never pay more than $3.00 in total fees when your customers pay using POLi.

Typically, with a credit card and payment gateway combination, the fees increase as the transaction amount gets higher.


How can I add Polipay to Shopify?

  1. Register for a Polipay Merchant account
  2. In Shopify, head to Settings > Payments
  3. Scroll down to Alternative Payments
  4. Click on POLi Internet Banking
  5. Enter your merchant details

It will look like this in Shopify…




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