Ways to Collect Emails & Build Your List

by | Sep 29, 2018

Capturing email addresses are an important piece of the puzzle when focusing on improving your conversion rates.

Sending emails to your subscribers does a few things. First, it creates a relationship between you and them. You become someone they can trust. Secondly, it shows that you’re an authoritative figure in your industry. And thirdly, it can generate serious cash.


Let’s take a look at 11 different ways you can capture emails on your website or online store.

Shopify Welcome Mat
1. Welcome Mat

The welcome mat style opt-in usually takes up the whole screen and pushes your website down. So it’s not something your visitor closes out of, but rather scrolls down to view your website.

These are a great way of getting your visitor’s attention as it takes up the whole screen, but is also easy enough to scroll away from if they’re not interested.

Shopify Floating Bar popup
2. Floating Bar

The floating bar style opt-in either sits at the top of the screen or bottom. It’s a nice discreet form that doesn’t take over much of the screen and scrolls with the page.

Shopify Above the fold
3. Above the Fold

This type of opt-in is less intrusive than the welcome mat, and more obvious than the floating bar. It’s important that it shows above the fold as this is what people see first when they arrive at your home page.

Shopify Floating Bar popup
4. Inline Blog Posts

Most blogs will have a subscribe form at the end of the blog post. But not everyone reaches the end of a blog post. So, create an inline opti-in that shows after a certain number of words, or at a point in the post that ties in well with your opt-in offer.

Shopify sidebar form
5. Side Bar

An opt-in in the sidebar is fairly common. You can even make it sticky, so when your visitor scrolls down the page, the opt-in scrolls with them – always being in view.

Shopify timed popup
6. Timed Pop Up

Rather than bombarding your visitors the moment they land on your site, this pop up shows after a set delay.

Shopify scroll box
7. Scroll Box

This type of opt-in is similar to pop ups, but it shows in the bottom right corner when the user has scrolled a certain percentage down the page.

This works because if people are scrolling, it’s usually because they’re interested in what they’re looking at. They might be interested to learn more about what it is they’re viewing, and you can even have a matching opt-in. Perhaps an ebook that discusses the topic further.

Shopify newsletter footer
8. Footer

Most websites use an opt-in in the footer already, as this way you have it showing on every page, making it easy to find.

The trouble is though, how many people will make it to the bottom of your site? And it’ll take them forever to reach it if you have infinite scroll on your blog posts or products.

Best not to have this as your only opt-in.

About page form
9. About Page

It makes a lot of sense to embed a subscribe form here because if they’ve made it to your about page, it’s because they want to know more about you and what your business is about. A regular newsletter is the perfect way to do this.

Resource library
10. Resource Library

Another great way to get people to sign up to your list is by offering a resource library that can only be accessed with a password – which they get as soon as they sign up. Resources are usually freebies that relate to your industry, product or service.

Exit intent popup
11. Exit Intent Pop Up

The exit intent pop up works because it’s triggered by your visitor’s behaviour. It’s not foolproof though, browsers can’t tell exactly when someone’s leaving – so it’ll show when they head towards the top of the page (usually to close the tab).

This offer is usually something they can’t refuse, like a nice discount or free gift with their purchase.

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