Zyber Hosts New Zealand’s First Shopify Meetup

by | Dec 7, 2016


New Zealand’s first ever Shopify Meetup was hosted by Zyber in Auckland by Zyber on the 29th of November.

The large turnout was proof that e-commerce is growing rapidly in New Zealand.
Kiwis are finding innovative ways to sell products online and are using Shopify to help them get there. The Auckland Shopify event reached over 100 attendees, bringing it in line with other top Shopify meetup events around the world.

The evening consisted of valuable networking opportunities, invaluable advice from guest speakers, accompanied by delicious food & drinks.


Guest speakers included
Merilyn Havler, a leading beauty entrepreneur with a background in marketing, and a history with Nivea that spanned over 10 years. Merilyn was the founder of Beauty Review, a website where people can post their reviews of every beauty product possible.

Merilyn started her new store, Best Beauty Box Ever, on Shopify. She says that she’s learned a lot from using Shopify. Merilyn also wanted to make sure that we all understood how
important it is to provide quality products, clear and professional images as well as useful product descriptions in order to sell our products successfully.


Gustavia Lui shared her inspiring story of how she got to where she is today. She was driven by the desire to get her family into their own home. Gustavia found a niche market, shoes for women that were designed for feet larger than size 10. With that niche in mind, she founded Staavias.

Gustavia is very hands on with her brand, with flying to China to specifically pick out the materials used in her footwear. She also makes sure that her footwear is made to a high standard, a level of quality that Gustavia herself would want from a pair of designer shoes.


George Diep from Paymark was also keen on showing us their latest release, Click. George shared how Click works with a new type of technology – allowing shoppers to pay for purchases from their bank accounts, accepting the charge on their mobile phone, never having to log in.

Last up was Ricky Jack, a digital marketing specialist from Vyne Digital. He wowed the crowd with his simple tips on ways to advertise your products and increase your sales on Shopify.


Overall the evening was a success – offering a lot of value for Shopify store owners and Shopify Partners of New Zealand. There has been a huge response asking for when and where the next Shopify meetup will be!

We hope to see you at the next one in February ’17!

Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter

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