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Build Stronger Relationships with Klaviyo SMS in New Zealand and Australia

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Did you know SMS marketing gets 5.5x the click rate of email?
With Klaviyo SMS marketing, you can create personalised, cross-channel experiences that engage your audience faster.

Where 1 in 3 consumers prefer texts over emails from their favourite brands, SMS marketing offers unique advantages, including high open rates, instant delivery, increased engagement of up to 9.88% click rates, and personalised communication.

The Difference Between SMS and Email Marketing:

SMS and email marketing serve distinct purposes and audiences.
While SMS is ideal for time-sensitive messages and order updates, email delivers longer-form content and reaches a broader audience. Understanding the differences between these communication channels enables you to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.

How to Set Up SMS for New Zealand and Australia:

Setting up SMS in Klaviyo for businesses in Australia and New Zealand requires careful consideration of regional requirements and regulations.

This involves obtaining the necessary sending numbers, such as shortcodes for New Zealand and long codes for Australia, and navigating the setup process within Klaviyo's platform.

How to Request a New Zealand Short Code:

In New Zealand, short codes are the primary SMS-sending numbers available. We strongly recommend reviewing our NZ short code checklist so you know what information to provide.

*Note Short code applications take 5–6 weeks to complete. If approved, the shortcode can only be used to send to New Zealand recipients and not to send to people in any other country.

We recommend applying first while you work out all your SMS marketing for the shortcode to be approved.

  1. Click your organisation name in the bottom left corner.
  2. Navigate to Settings > SMS.
  3. Go to the Sending Information section.
  4. In the line for New Zealand, click Activate.


5. Click Next.

6. Open the Short Code Application link and fill out the request form (this form will also be emailed to the Owner’s email address).

After you fill out the form, the Klaviyo Deliverability and Compliance (D&C) team will review it and then contact you. 

*Note that the short code's status will show as request incomplete until you complete the short code request form and Klaviyo's D&C team has reviewed it.


How to Request an Australian Long Code:

For businesses targeting the Australian market, Klaviyo offers the option to request a long code.

Before you begin

Australia requires that every business requesting a long code provides certain information. You’ll need to show proof of your business’s:

  • Name
  • Australian address (not including PO box) 
  • ID number (i.e., Australian business number)

A commercial registry (or equivalent documentation) can be used to prove all of the above. 

It will take 1 to 3 business days to approve your request. 

Once approved, your long code will be automatically assigned to your account, and it will become your sending number in Australia for all messages going forward.

Request an AUS long code in Klaviyo

  1. Navigate to Settings > SMS.
  2. Go to the Sending Numbers section.
  3. Click the 3 vertical dots on the right-hand side in the line with the Australian flag.
  4. Click either Activate or Change Number.
  5. In the modal, choose Long Code

6. Click Next.

7. Click Exit.


Unlock the power of SMS marketing in New Zealand and Australia effortlessly with Klaviyo. Connect with your audience through personalised, real-time communication, and tap into Zyber's support whenever needed. Prepare to revolutionise your marketing strategy and drive unparalleled growth in these thriving markets.