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Getting ahead with the COVID-19 traffic light system

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How to get ahead with the COVID-19 Protection Framework?

On Friday, the New Zealand Prime Minister announced a three-colour COVID-19 Protection Framework which we will move into when vaccination rates reach 90% across each DHB. Check it out the full update.

What does this mean for retail?

As we head into some of the busiest season events, get ready to see Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday all online. As eCommerce experts we are seeing merchants generate a lot of revenue online. How are we seeing those succeed right now?

You’ve got to stand out and create meaningful, personalised experiences for your customers. As merchants, it’s important to double down on your Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Here are some of our key tips to optimise results with our trusted partners:

Digital marketing - maintaining an online presence is crucial right now. Increase your online spend and utilise tools to track ROI and optimise your budget. Don't forget to have tools in place to allow customers to opt in to an email flow, or improve your AOV when someone adds products to your cart.

Video Marketing - at a time when face to face shopping is a thing of the past, stand out in front of your customers by sending relevant, engaging videos. Bonjoro uses existing sales tools to send personal videos at key moments in a customer’s journey.

SMS marketing - target shoppers with the right messages at the right time. You can boost your ROI by sending two-way personalised SMS messages with real-time triggers. Visit and use ‘Zyber’ as your referral code.

Zero party data - capture your customers’ personal interests and habits with quizzes and conversational pop-ups. On our recent podcast episode, our team discuss with Octane AI how you can utilise these tools to replicate in-store retail experiences.

Use your data to its full potential - Segment your data and use it to create meaningful flows that stand out from the crowd. Klaviyo can grow your relationships with powerful automation and ecommerce integration. It can now send SMS to Australia and USA based clients and prospects so start collecting mobile numbers ASAP. For more info on this, read more.

Click & collect experience - think outside the box and make it memorable for a customer visiting your store. We discuss in our upcoming podcast episode with Julian Bartram how they are creating memorable experiences through their retail store, Body FX. Subscribe to our podcast to hear this episode on Wednesday: S3E11 - Lockdown Halloween and Shopify News, Oh My!

Business Support

The Government announced on Friday that they have topped up the COVID-19 relief fund. Businesses will be able to apply for up to $3,000 worth of advice and planning support, and then receive up to $4,000 to implement that advice through the established Regional Business Partners programme of which Zyber is a part of. A total of $7,000 can be applied to assist your business regarding online strategy.

Register your business to see what funding you are eligible for. Don’t wait, as we know last year it went really quickly. We know that there will be a lot of moving parts for you and your business. As a business that is able to function at 100% capacity from anywhere, please know that the Zyber team are on deck and ready to offer support wherever we can.

To learn more about how Zyber are responding to COVID-19, contact us at