Personalisation = Increase Conversion with Octane AI.

Personalisation = Increase Conversion with Octane AI.

How do you stand out in front of your customers online? Personalise, personalise, personalise!

This week our Shopify experts were joined from Ohio by Martina Cronin, Senior Agency Partner at Octane AI to discuss all things personalisation when it comes to your online store. 

Octane AI is a trusted tool to support brands by building customer relationships with quizzes and pop-ups, recommending products and increasing revenue. Additionally, it is designed to integrate with Shopify, Shopify Plus and Klaviyo.

It’s another lockdown episode for our team and as a result we’re seeing merchants generate a LOT of revenue online. Because of this, it highlights the importance of gaining a competitive advantage for your online store. With the recent Facebook outage, our eCommerce experts discuss how critical it is to create a personalised customer experience to optimise conversions and also build meaningful relationships. The proof is in the pudding!



Watch or listen to this episode to find out how you can adopt these key tips to increase conversions.

Zero Party Data

Zero party data is also known as personal information. This episode takes a deeper dive into a customer’s interests than first party data. It uses information a customer intentionally shares such as shopping habits and preferences. With Google’s announcement that third party cookies will be removed by 2022, this is critical to optimise your CRO. Read our blog post on 1st and 3rd Party Cookies to find out more. 

Conversational pop-ups

Conversational pop-ups are a complete shift from traditional pop ups. In this episode you can hear about how these can increase rates for capturing email addresses and enhance your online store experience. Our Shopify experts point out, it is important to replicate that ‘in-store’ experience virtually. However, don’t come across ‘salesy’ and also ensure you are providing customers value in exchange for the information shared.

Maintaining relationships

Customer data means nothing if you don’t action on it. As a result, you should capture it, analyse results, segment and create meaningful personal flows!


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