The Advantages of Having Reviews on Your Ecommerce Site

Reviews increase click throughs, improve SEO, and instill buyer confidence – here’s why they’re so important for your ecommerce site

The amount of choice available today means consumers carry out more research than ever before when buying a product. As well as asking their friends and family for recommendations, they’ll seek out customer reviews to get an unbiased opinion of a product or service. Social proof in the form of reviews instills buyer confidence and trust, but user-generated content (UGC) like this also has a positive impact on other parts of your business. 

Here’s how having reviews on your ecommerce website can benefit everything from your SEO efforts to the customer journey. 

How Reviews Benefit Your Ecommerce Website 

1. Improve SEO 

Reviews provide fresh content, increase organic keyword-led traffic, boost click-throughs, and lower bounce rates – all of which are key Google ranking factors. 

The more reviews you have on your site, the higher the chance there is of having relevant keywords that real customers use. On top of this, the constant stream of fresh content indicates to Google that your site has its finger on the pulse and has plenty of pages to crawl and index. 


2. Leverage UGC 

Shoppers trust images and content created by consumers 50% more than they trust branded content and imagery. This is because 90% of consumers say authenticity is crucial when deciding which brands to buy from. 

Leverage user generated content marketing by including images with the reviews you display on your site. Born Primitive tapped into Okendo’s Foursixty integration to showcase Instagram content across its website and display star ratings for products tagged in Insta photos.

Leverage UGC

3. Create a Community

Today’s consumers crave a sense of community. In fact, they prefer a sense of belonging even more than discount codes and coupons – and that’s saying something. Reviews help customers relate to their fellow shoppers and allow them to feel like they are contributing to something useful. Create a community with Okendo

Kids clothing brand Freshly Picked truly understood the advantages of brand loyalty and building an online community. Word-of-mouth is crucial for new parents, so through Okendo’s powerful integrations and branded review displays, they were able to curate valuable reviews that educated and engaged their loyal community of parents. 


4. Improve the Customer Journey

Using reviews in your user-generated content strategy can increase conversions by 10%. Adding reviews to key touchpoints in the customer journey can nudge on-the-fence shoppers to the next stage of the sales cycle. 

For example, sprinkling reviews across your abandoned cart flows can lure customers back and encourage them to make it all the way to checkout. 

Improve customer journey with Okendo

By including star ratings in its abandoned cart emails, Nimble Activewear was able to gain a 16% increase in Average Revenue Per Recipient and a 74% relative interest in click-through rate. 


5. Personalize the Experience

91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide product recommendations that are personal to them. In fact, personalization is integral in creating a unique customer experience for each and every customer. Shoppers want to feel valued and understood by the brands they buy from, and there’s no better way to do that than create a personalized experience. 

Review filters and attributes help customers personalize their shopping experience and find content they can relate to. They can instantly filter reviews to only show ones that match their size, body shape, skin type, or other attributes to get accurate insights. 


6. Increase Trust and Buyer Confidence

Reviews make customers 71% more comfortable purchasing a product. This is particularly true on high-ticket items, but has been proven to be the case across products of all price ranges. And who wouldn’t be more comfortable knowing that other customers have had an enjoyable experience before them? 

92% of customers trust the reviews they read and say it gives brands credibility. Knowing that other shoppers had a good experience alleviates any potential worries a new customer might have and instills buyer confidence. 

We all want loyal customers who will purchase from us often, spend big and tell all of their friends to do the same, right? In some cases, acquiring these unicorn customers can take years, hard work and a lot of money. With a great Customer Loyalty Program for your store, finding and keeping this kind of customer is unbelievably easy. 


Display Reviews Where They Matter the Most 

Reviews shouldn’t be an afterthought – in fact, they should be one of the first thoughts you have since they impact almost every part of your business. The benefits of user-generated content are far-reaching: reviews and visual UGC instill confidence in buyers, increase brand loyalty, boost click-through rates, and improve customer experience.  

Okendo makes it easy to collect reviews from happy customers and share them in a branded widget on your website and in your email campaigns. The powerful attributes feature lets customers create a personalized shopping experience that keeps them coming back for more.


Lindsay Kolinsky, Partner Marketing Manager, Okendo

Author: Lindsay Kolinsky, Partner Marketing Manager, Okendo

About Okendo:

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