If you’ve had a popular product sell out and you aren’t doing anything to capture those still visiting the product page, you’re leaving money on the table.

Here are a few easy tactics that you can put in place in just a few minutes.


Sold out product pages do a few things:
  • It creates a negative experience for your visitor because the product they’re interested in isn’t available – which leads to disappointment and frustration
  • It can harm your SEO – especially with people leaving the page quickly once they realise it’s unavailable
  • Doing nothing can have an overall impact on your sales


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In order to provide your shoppers with a positive user experience, let’s take a look at ways to make even your sold-out product pages profitable.

  1. Add a ‘notify me when in stock’ feature (Shopify themes usually have this built in when a product sells out)
  2. Turn it into a preorder for the next shipment (just be clear on when your shopper will receive it & highlight that it is a pre-order)
  3. Suggest a similar product (if it’s better than the old one – make sure to mention it!)
    Offer a discount towards a similar product or if they choose to pre-order it.


There are a few other things you can do to help improve the user experience side of things.


Live stock count
Use a live stock count

This lets your shoppers know straight away how much of the product is in stock, and if it’s getting close to selling out. This may also help create a sense of urgency when stock numbers are getting low!


Sold out stickers
Use sold-out stickers

Some shopify themes automatically display a ‘sold out’ message over sold out products in both the collection page and product page. These make it nice and easy to see it’s unavailable at a glance.


product cards on a shopify site
Redirect traffic to a similar product

This helps with the SEO side of things, but make sure the redirect makes sense. You don’t want to frustrate people by redirecting to a product that is quite different to the one they came looking for. If the new product is better than the sold-out one, make sure to mention that and highlight it in the description!


email collection bar for a shopify store mailing list
Capture their contact info

Let people leave their email and contact info if you’re planning to restock the product. Don’t give them false hope by capturing their email if you don’t plan on restocking the product.

Need help with making your sold out product pages profitable? Call in the Shopify Experts!

Zyber can help turn your popular sold out products into pages that still convert,generate leads and continue to sell by implementing the tactics listed here.

Zyber are web design specialists based in Auckland, New Zealand. Since 2009 they’ve been helping thousands of kiwis find their place online by building websites that convert. As New Zealand’s #1 Shopify Experts, there isn’t much they can’t do!


by Joe Coles
September 14, 2018


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