Back in 2015, Shopify launched Multichannel Shopify, effectively connecting merchants to millions of new customers on channels like Facebook Shop, Instagram, eBay, TradeMe, and Pinterest. Over a dozen channels have since been added, including Messenger and Amazon. 


These channels enable merchants to find more customers faster by placing products in front of a global audience on the most popular marketplaces and social platforms. Conversions can be driven through instant purchases on Facebook, Instagram and messaging apps. Products can be synced across various channels, all from one central place within the Shopify dashboard.

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Facebook Shop

Facebook Shops makes it easy for businesses to set up a single online store for customers to access on both Facebook and Instagram. When you set up a Facebook Shop, Facebook creates a Shop section on your Facebook Page that displays your Shopify products. You can make changes to products, review sales, and fulfill orders in Shopify. It is a sales channel included in all paid Shopify plans. 

Buy Now Button

Buy Buttons help you add products to your external website and blog posts. They also make purchasing products easier for customers by removing a separate page to finalise the order. The Buy Button is a shortcut for buying products and can show product pictures, descriptions, and prices, while allowing a customer to purchase products without leaving the website (even if it’s a non-Shopify website or blog). This feature is available on all paid Shopify plans.

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Instagram Shopping

The Instagram sales channel lets shoppers discover, shop, and buy products directly from instagram posts and stories. You can add product stickers to any of your stories, or tag your products in posts. Customers who find the tagged products on Instagram can tap a link to view and buy a product in your online store. Instagram Shopping requires Facebook to already be set up and synced. 

Shopify instagram channel


The free Shop app is an integrated online shopping platform. It’s practically like the Instagram of shopping. Shop automatically gathers and tracks orders, organises all previous orders and receipts, makes customised recommendations based on previous purchases and encourages local shopping with in-store pickup and delivery options available. 

Shopify Shop Channel

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The Messenger sales channel lets customers shop directly from conversations in Messenger and allows you to respond to your customers’ questions in a single message thread. Customers can also receive automated notifications in Messenger about their orders.

Shopify messenger channel

Google Shopping

The Google Shopping app automatically syncs products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center. You can then update your Google product listings directly from your Shopify admin.

Google Shopping Channel

Multi-channel marketing combined with multiple channels for selling creates an incredibly effective and far-reaching digital strategy that is optimised for reach and conversions. 


People are turning to mobile eCommerce across the globe. The channel is increasingly popular and increasingly used to make purchases, as opposed to merely for research purposes. Shopify themes feature an optimised checkout on any device, with over 100 payment providers to choose from, customers can pay the way you want, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and Shop Pay’s one-field checkout.


Automate the traditional wholesale process with a private online store for your B2B customers, featuring wholesale-specific pricing, automated account signups and order review controls. It’s wholesale without the hassle thanks to a self-service online experience. Shopify Plus’s wholesale channel gives scaling brands an easy way to expand into B2B. 

Your Brand Everywhere

Every brand presence reaches far beyond each individual store. Successful strategy involves ensuring your brand and your products are where people spend most of their time before spending money. This means being present on marketplaces, social media, messaging apps, online communities, and in real life. Expanding reach, streamlining operations and meeting your customers right where they are is one of Shopify’s standout functionalities that we absolutely love. 

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by Sequoia Painter
September 9, 2020


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