The future of eCommerce is upon us, a lot of what experts in the industry were predicting for 2030 has shifted to 2020. With many businesses forced to close physical stores for a time, the rise of online shopping has been unprecedented and more rapid than anyone had anticipated. Shopify has once again stepped up to help independent business owners thrive. Zyber is proud to be a Shopify and Shopify Plus Partner, delivering the best for our clients.

Shopify Pay Installments (New)


Buyers struggle with cash flow too, often finding themselves in a pinch. Shop Pay Installments, one of the newest features on Shopify, enables buyers to pay for purchases in four equal installments over time – no interest, no fees. 

Merchants will benefit from this by receiving the entire purchase amount upfront, and Shopify will collect the remaining balance. This not only reduces the risk for merchants but removes the risk associated with installment solutions completely. Merchants are able to offer better payment options for their customers with greater peace of mind and cash flow stability. 

When buyers are able to stretch their payments out over time, merchants typically see bigger cart sizes and more sales. 

Installments will be fully integrated into the Shop Pay accelerated checkout. 

Selling Internationally (New)

Selling across borders? These additional features to the online store are for you: Local Domains and Custom FX. 

Local Domains. Assign individual domains to a country or currency, as well as a language or set of languages. A local domain builds trust with buyers, enhances the experience, and helps increase lifetime value. The hreflang html tag helps Google direct customers to the right domain, improving SEO and positively influencing your Google ranking on organic search results. 

Custom FX. This feature benefits merchants using multicurrency. Merchants will be able to maintain static pricing, even as currencies fluctuate. Merchants selling internationally will be able to sell in 133 currencies and get paid in their own currency while showing a stable price to customers. Price transparency builds trust with customers and, in turn, increases lifetime value. 

The New Online Store Design Experience (Update)

In 2019, Shopify announced their new online store design experience enabling merchants to easily customise their storefronts. This updated new experience means it will be possible for merchants to add new features and functionality to their online store through app sections. 

This is currently only available in developer preview for all partners, such as Zyber, but will be launched to merchants later this year. 

All-New Shopify POS (New)

It’s vital for retail merchants to have a robust solution that bridges the gap between physical and online stores. The all-new Shopify POS is a fully redesigned, rebuilt, and extensible point-of-sale system with omnichannel capabilities. 

The new smart grid places apps front and centre of the merchant experience. Highlight the apps, discounts and workflows most frequently used. 

Contactless Checkout. While Google Pay and Apple Pay are already supported on Shopify POS, additional contactless payment methods for those who don’t have access to those options is now available on the all-new Shopify POS. Buyers will soon be able to scan a QR code to pay for in-store purchases via their phone, using Shopify’s online checkout. In light of Covid-19, this will help social distancing measures. 

In-Store Preview. Buyers will soon be able to preview what merchants have in-store via their website. Fulfilment options are varied and include local or curbside pickup. 

Shop and Shop Channel (New)

Shop and Shop Channel

Shopify’s brand new personal shopping assist: Shop. 

The Instagram of shopping, Shop enables buyers to discover, purchase and receive products with ease. The shop local feature lets buyers find nearby merchants and support their local businesses.  

Product recommendations are customised for the user based on their purchase history. The app improves the user experience by taking them from discovery phase right through to the delivery, with users able to track their purchases. Shopify also offset the carbon emissions of each parcel delivered when an order is placed through Shop Pay. Good for SMEs and good for our environment – it’s a win/win. 

Delivery and Pickup Methods (New)

In light of Covid-19, the way consumers are purchasing goods has changed significantly. Due to significant delivery delays, cancelled flights and lockdown orders, daily local orders increased by 176% in the United States between March 13 and April 24 when compared to 6 weeks prior.

Shopify has responded to shifting consumer preferences rapidly, enabling merchants to do the same and offer their customers the best experience possible. 

Local and Curbside Pickup


Local Delivery. Improved and simplified local delivery experience. Local delivery fees can be defined by merchants using postal codes or by radius. Local delivery fees and minimum order prices can also be set. Consumers within the relevant postal code or radius will see these additional local delivery options at checkout. 

Shopify Local Delivery App. Create optimised delivery routes that can be shared with staff.

Online Store Performance Dashboard (New)

New Shopify Dashboard

An online store performance dashboard will soon be released for merchants. This new dashboard will allow merchants to understand how theme code customisations and app installations impact store speed. 

This will make troubleshooting easier and help keep stores operating at optimal speed. 

Shopify Balance (New)

Banking and financial services are a predominant part of eCommerce, yet we’ve found banks aren’t effectively meeting the needs of independent business owners – particularly SMEs. In order to change that, Shopify has introduced Shopify Balance to enable independent business owners take control of their business finances. 

Shopify Balance is a financial product built for business owners and entrepreneurs inclusive of a Shopify Balance account, Shopify Card and Rewards.

Shopify Balance account. View cash flow, pay bills, track expenses and more. No monthly fees or a minimum balance. 

Shopify Card. Physical and virtual cards to enable merchants to access their money. 

Rewards. Shopify works closely with partners to offer cashback and discounts. 


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by Sequoia Painter
May 22, 2020


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