About the Event


We are finishing off the year with a BANG!

Why you can’t miss this meetup!

Amazing speakers who are going to tackle some of our biggest challenges with eCommerce.

Tash & Viv from Ace The Gram – Tash and Viv are co-founders of the Instagram marketing company and podcast Ace the Gram. They have built their own networks to over
200k followers and worked with brands all over the world. Come and find out how you can start to connect and convert your target audience using Instagram.

Julian Shopify Local Guru – As a merchant Julian has been using the Shopify platform since 2012 with his creative retail shop BODYFX. He is now the Local guru for Shopify in Auckland where he loves helping other merchants grow and develop their businesses. Julian will be taking us through automated emails, why it saves you time and money but more importantly how you can surprise and delight your customers, create brand loyalty and make money.

Brad, Director of Wise Advice – Is going to educate us on how you expand your online sales by selling on Amazon. It’s time we start getting serious about Amazon!

Leo and the team at Zyber will be ready to present more real life case studies, and other tools and tricks that are helping their merchants succeed online.


The line up


Leonardo Garcia-Curtis - Zyber

Leonardo Garcia-Curtis
General Manager – Zyber


Ace The Gram - Zyber

Tash & Viv
Ace the Gram


Julian Shopify Guru - Zyber

Julian Cartram
Shopify Local Guru


Raihannath - Zyber

Raihanath Latheef
Help Desk Technician – Zyber


Brad Wise Advice - Zyber

Brad Golchin
Director of WiseAdvice


Josh Wrightson - Zyber

Josh Wrightson
Relationship Manager – Zyber


Who is the event for?

This evening is for all types of E-commerce users, no matter how big or small your business is, or what platform you are using! It’s a great way for you to learn about ways to optimize your conversion rate and grow your business network.


by Joe Coles
November 2, 2019


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