Thanks to all who showed up to Grid/AKL yesterday, for our last Shopify meetup of the year! In case you weren’t able to show up, this is what you missed:

Whether or not you were there, this blog article is for you– we have four open-ended questions that summarize the main takeaways from each of our speakers.

Let us know if you implement any actionable strategies from this article– we’d love to hear it!


Question one: am I taking advantage of Shopify’s latest features?



No matter what Shopify plan you’re on, you’re paying good money for it. So why not use your subscription to its fullest? Laura Holyoake, Merchant Success Manager from Shopify, gave us the low-down on all the latest Shopify features.


Multi-location inventory

Do you have a pop-up store or multi-location retail? you can now track your product inventory across multiple locations, while keeping control of everything from the inventory page. No more getting confused! Send inventory from multiple stores, set a shipping hierarchy, and more!


Marketing section

You can now set up Google Shopping Ads or Facebook Ads directly from your Shopify backend. Click the “Marketing” tab, link your accounts, and enjoy the easiest SEM campaigns of your life!


Shopify Backend To Create A Facebook Carousel Ad - Zyber

Multi-currency checkout

Shoppers check out in their currency. You get paid in yours. This is a sine-qua-non for any Shopify store that sells internationally.

Sell in USD, CAS, HKD, Euros, YEN, AUD, SGD, or GBP. Get paid in NZD.

You may already have a 3rd-party Currency Conversion app, but this is a more seamless solution: those apps only change the price displayed on the product and collection pages, not in the checkout.

See your products in AR/VR

How are customers going to try out your products if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar? This is what Augmented Reality can provide. Imagine you sold patio furniture: your customers can use AR to test out products in their own backyard, like this video we showed at the Shopify event:



(Note that this is in beta)

This is a service offered by Zyber, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’re interested.

Partnering with eBay in Australia

How would you like to reach 11 million shoppers every month? If you are selling in Australia, Shopify has just launched an integration with eBay, which will let you publish to eBay at the push of a button, just like TradeRunner.

Product cost tracking

Shopify will tell you how many sales you’ve made, but can it tell you how much profit you’re making? Now it can!


setting a compare at price in the shopify backendProfit Margin Of Products in the Shopify Backend - Zyber


Enter your purchase costs on the product page, so you can know your profits at a glance.

Shopify flow connectors

Think of this like Zapier for Shopify—you can automate a manual task within the Shopify admin.

Imagine a customer emails you asking where their order is. This could trigger an automation that finds the customer’s shipping information and responds to their query in a heartbeat. This is a great way to keep customers satisfied!

Question two: could there be a better marketing platform for me?


man giving slice marketing presentation


We’ve all been frustrated by expensive Google Ads campaigns that simply do not make a return. So what if you only paid your advertisers when you make a sale? That’s what Gavin Male of S.L.I.C.E. Digital introduced to us at the Shopify Meetup: Affiliate Marketing.

Take a look at this flowchart to see how it works:


Affiliate Marketing Graphic - Zyber


We asked S.L.I.C.E. Digital – does this actually make money? They responded with some figures: last year in the UK, £554 million were spent on affiliate marketing. £8.9 billion pounds were brought in in sales. That’s a 16:1 return on investment.

• Your organic muesli bars written about by bloggers.
• Your coupons featured on popular coupon sites.
• Your skincare product on a shopping comparison site.
• Your kitchenware as a Loyalty Card reward.

You can choose who your affiliates are (invite-only, moderated, or public) so you’re always in control.
If you’ve been struggling with conventional Social Marketing or Search Engine Marketing tactics, this may be something interesting to try.

Reach out to S.L.I.C.E. Digital today if this is something you’re interested in.

Question three: how can I add more value to the customer experience?


Man Speaking at Shopify Meetup - Zyber


How did Clooney Club become an international phenomenon? According to Nick and Michael from Clooney Club, their success is solely attributed to their company’s ethos, or as they call them, the “Club Rules.” These boil down to:

Respecting the lifetime value of a customer

Clooney Club isn’t just another subscription-based drop-shipping store. They put in the effort to meet new customers in person, at markets such as General Collective, then they serve existing members with confidence-boosting live meetups, and maintain interaction through a private Facebook group.

“the best thing you can do is talk to your customers.” – Nick Grant

Think about ways you can engage your customer base in the real world.


Deliver more than the customer expects.

When you subscribe to Clooney Club, your products arrive in a handy microfibre bag, with a handwritten note or free gift such as a comb. If you’re a first-time shopper, you’ll get an extra surprise: free samples of other Clooney Club products. This maximizes the chances that shoppers will find a product they like. It’s a great strategy to turn one-time customers into monthly subscribers!

This also applies to the Christmas season. Rather than offering a holiday discount, they add more value- last year, they offered Christmas shoppers a free beer-holder with their purchase. This generates just as much interest as a discount, but you get to keep your money!

Think about ways you can unexpectedly add value to the customer experience. And pay a visit to Clooney Club to get some Christmas shopping sorted!

Question four: do I know where my users are clicking?


zyber employee giving a shopify presentation


Are customers coming to your site primarily on mobile, or desktop? Do they tend to be young or old? What’s the most popular landing page? Which page has the highest bounce rate? If you’re not keeping an eye on this data, you are like a store manager who never leaves the office—you have no idea what customers are doing on the sales floor, and you are out of touch with your business’ performance.

Naadei Atafu, a Senior Designer at Zyber Limited, left us with this nugget of knowledge: discover your data, then make design decisions based on it.

Naadei gave us the example of Auckland based Jeweller, Layla Kaisi Collection. Her top selling products are her bespoke rings made from ethically-sourced materials. She came to Zyber asking for a beautiful redesign of the Layla Kaisi Collection website, to impress visitors.

However, Naadei and Layla looked at the website’s Google Analytics results and discovered a problem: only 1% of store visitors were learning about the bespoke rings!

So instead of a redesign, Naadei proposed to simply restructure Layla’s product page, and to link to the Bespoke page directly from the homepage. Plus a few other small changes, that’s about all they did.


Jewellery Ecommerce Store - Zyber


The results?

  • +80% more activity on the website.

  • +30% more views on the Bespoke Rings page.

  • 162% reduction in overall bounce rate.

  • 316% increased click-through to the collections pages.

Once you start looking at how people use your website, using Google Analytics, HotJar, or another tool, you can identify the key problems of your site. Once you know your weaknesses, you can make smart changes to your site that will result in conversions, guaranteed.

Next time, come to the meet up! There is always a lot of great networking to be had, plus some awesome deals with local businesses that can help you succeed!


Merchants Networking at Shopify Meetup - Zyber


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If you liked this blog post, and really wished you had attended the meetup, then download the slideshow presentation that we used at the Shopify Meetup here.

Thanks again to Laura, Gavin, Nick, Michael, and Naadei for giving such information-packed presentations (they were entertaining, too!) If you enjoyed this blog post, be sure to join us on the Shopify NZ Facebook group, and let us know what changes from this article you implemented on your own store!


by Ross Ozarka
November 2, 2018


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