In many industries, traditional advertising methods have been gradually declining in popularity. The measurability and immediate engagement of advertising online has seen ongoing growth in the field of digital marketing. Social media platforms in particular grow as an advertising medium parallel to their ever expanding userbases and advancements in technology. Facebook grew its advertising revenue by 64% in the third quarter of 2014 driven by boosts in its mobile ads, and its 1 billion strong monthly userbase.

Despite these staggering numbers, some small businesses still fail to realise the power of social media to help their businesses maximise its potential. Social media is a great medium to get recognition from consumers and constantly shows that it can yield impressive results for businesses that imploy effective social strategies.


Important aspects of Social Media Marketing

  • Broad range of potential customers are easily reached.
  • Cost effective method of delivering marketing messages.
  • Fosters brand trust and loyalty amongst members of the community.

Businesses looking to advertise via social media should still approach it as a marketing avenue. Don’t underestimate the need for regular reviewing and input in your social media strategy. It is not a set and forget solution – just like a website, having a Facebook page which hasn’t been updated since 2012 can do more harm than good.

Here are some things that you should remember to turn your social media campaign into a success:

Define your plan – set your objectives and the expectations for your campaign. These may include brand exposure, networking, SEO. When your goals are clear, it is easier to achieve them.

Connect with your potential customers – research about what they are looking for and what their expectations from you are in terms of products and services. Find out which of your competitors is succeeding with social media and analyze how they represent their offerings to the community.

Offer quality content – people engage with content that they find interesting or enjoyable. A single follower sharing one of your posts opens it up to their whole network of like-minded consumers. Creating valuable content, regularly (and this doesn’t just mean constant sales pitches) will help improve brand trust and encourage customers to consider you next time they need to buy your product!


by Joe Coles
October 30, 2014


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