Last week we noticed an interesting new ad extension pop up in some of our AdWords campaigns.

Now that we’ve had a couple days to play around with the extension, here’s what you need to know.

Structured snippets are a variation of the dynamic snippets that Google rolled out earlier in the year, now giving advertisers more control and flexibility with the information they present.
Google provides 12 categories, some broad and some strangely specific, within which you can add your values – as google describes “highlight a specific aspect of the products or services you offer.”


  • Amenities
  • Brands
  • Courses
  • Degree programs
  • Destinations
  • Featured hotels
  • Insurance coverage
  • Neighborhoods
  • Service catalog
  • Shows
  • Styles
  • Types


IT Services for Schools Search Result with Structured Snippet - Zyber


We found that Service Catalog was a nice general category that could apply to most businesses, while Brands, Courses and Styles would be great depending on business industry.
The extension allows you to add up to 10 values, with a minimum of 3. Our recommendation is to stick to 3 if the values are long, and up to 4 if they are a bit shorter. That way you retain more control over exactly what will display, while avoiding truncated descriptions.

It’s great to see Google continuing to improve the effectiveness of search ads, ensuring that businesses are able to communicate more relevant information to searchers, and creating more efficient results for those doing the searching!


by Joe Coles
September 8, 2015


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