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NetSuite Integration to Shopify and saw immediate results.

The Brief.

Aromatherapy a popular brand through out New Zealand, known for its home fragrances and body care products. There was a huge opportunity for Aromatherapy to increase sales by being on the right platform and automating sales from Shopify to their ERP system, NetSuite.

They were previously on a custom built site, which was costly to run and they lacked the control to manage this internally.

Their resellers were also selling more online than Aromatherapy themselves so they wanted to strengthen their own DTC channel that fulfilled their clients’ needs in a timely and flexible manner.

Our Approach.

Aromatherapy considered all platforms during this time, which also coincided with their re-brand. Due to the nature of their CPG business, it wasn’t a question whether to move to the Shopify eco-system or not. Shopify offers the tools Aromatherapy needs to strengthen their own DTC channel.


Zyber’s team of designers and digital strategists worked closely with the marketing team at Aromatherapy to create a powerful site with an incredible customer experience.

Aromatherapy has 5 sub-brands, which they wanted to showcase in a cleaner manner without compromising on their UX on the site. Our team worked with them to create navigations so customers can shop based on their own needs segmented by product, range, mood or aroma.

As part of our Shopify SEO Services We also fixed and updated their SEO stratgy and meta-content to ensure that search engines can index and rank their website accordingly. It’s not a surprise that they saw immediate results!

The Results.







The aromatherapy website

Project Outcomes.

Creating a brand community was important for Aromatherapy, so we introduced a new loyalty and rewards programme by integrating Smile into their eCommerce store.

Our strategists facilitated a Klaviyo integration and set up new marketing flows for Aromatherapy as they migrated from Mailchimp. During this time, we segmented their database and created flows for new customers, post-purchase communications, and the loyalty programme.

Lastly, Zyber did a custom integration into one of the world’s largest ERP systems, Oracle Netsuite, which allows all orders to be automatically sent through to dispatch. This removes the need for Aromatherapy to do any reconciliation or double handling of orders, resulting in increased accuracy and cost efficiency.

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