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A full re-platform from Magento to Shopify Plus to drive ROI.

The Brief.

Playtech, with a rich legacy spanning 30 years in building gaming systems in New Zealand, sought to elevate their ecommerce strategy by migrating from Magento 1.8 to a more robust platform. While considering Magento 2.0, they realized the need for a solution that not only addressed their technical requirements but also optimized their budget for maximum ROI. With a history of spending bulk retainer fees on system support rather than strategic improvements, Playtech turned to Shopify Plus and engaged Zyber to spearhead their replatforming project.

Our Approach.

We recognised the opportunity to align Playtech's ecommerce strategy with their growth objectives. Leveraging our expertise in Shopify, we proposed a full re-platform to Shopify Plus, ensuring a seamless transition while optimising their monthly retainer for strategic improvements. By utilising an existing Shopify theme, we minimised initial build costs, allowing Playtech to allocate resources towards initiatives that would drive tangible results. With a focus on empowering Playtech to manage their website independently, Shopify Plus emerged as the ideal solution, promising a positive experience for both the Playtech team and their customers.


Playtech are the first customer to use Cin7 inventory management software. The Cin7 founder Danny sat in their office and coded the inventory management system. When Playtech moved to Zyber, they had a complicated Cin7 setup which connected to many different technology suppliers in New Zealand. Zyber’s developers custom-built a Cin7 integration to ensure that stock levels and availability were always accurate for the end user. This enhanced the user experience as it enabled the end user to check product availability and then place an order, which is in some instances is shipped directly from the supplier to the customer.

Because of the nature of the technology industry, Playtech needed the ability  to integrate with many different finance companies and payment options.Zyber integrated these into their Shopify Plus store using the checkout API’s.

Strategies for Growth:

In addition to replatforming, we implemented strategic initiatives aimed at driving growth and enhancing the user experience. Leveraging our growth strategies, we worked closely with Playtech to implement Klarna and Afterpay as buy now pay later options, catering to users with varying budgets and increasing conversion rates. This strategic move not only expanded Playtech's customer base but also contributed to a significant increase in conversion rate, resulting in a remarkable 143% boost. Moreover, the introduction of these flexible payment options enabled Playtech to tap into new market segments, further fueling their revenue growth, which saw a remarkable 50% increase year over year.

The Results.





Project Outcomes.

The replatforming project led to a transformative shift in Playtech's ecommerce capabilities, enabling them to achieve unprecedented growth and customer engagement. Our custom-built integration with Cin7 inventory management software ensured accurate stock levels and enhanced user experience, while seamless integrations with various finance companies and payment options streamlined the checkout process.

By strategically allocating resources towards initiatives that added value to their business, Playtech witnessed tangible results, including a substantial increase in conversion rates and revenue. With Zyber's support and ongoing optimization efforts, Playtech is well-positioned to continue their growth trajectory and solidify their position as industry leaders in the gaming systems market.


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