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Join millions of merchants worldwide and migrate from Magento to Shopify or Shopify Plus. Using Shopify as your eCommerce platform will generate high-growth, high-volume, scalability and flexibility with less on-going costs to your business.

With a team of Shopify experts, Zyber is proud to be an exclusive Shopify Plus partner, having been hand-selected as a team of experts that strive to help brands sell in a borderless eCommerce world with ROI-driven results.

What does this mean for you? We know how to design, develop and build powerful eCommerce solutions that will scale your business for years to come. We’ve built rapor through our award-winning solutions for upcoming and established brands and our standards are extremely high.

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Omnichannel growth.

Shopify Plus is the most scalable and robust eCommerce platform to provide you with on-going growth. It will enable you to establish a robust omnichannel with the integration into 20+ channels, including Facebook, TradeMe and Pinterest. With 5,300+ apps to integrate, Shopify Markets, and multi-currency store fronts, the sky’s the limit. As your eCommerce partner, our Shopify experts will develop and build ROI-driven solutions for you based on functionality and an incredible UX.

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Reliability & Flexibility.

Want to be able to sleep at night knowing your website is stored in a secure platform? Shopify stores your site in a cloud-based solution on PCI DSS, maintaining a secure network for your business and customer data.
Migrating to Shopify will allow you to scale your traffic and sales when you want to, with reliability and lower overheads.
Our team is well equipped to build complex strategies for local and global brands striving for competitive omnichannel solutions. We’ll be there alongside you, ensuring you succeed in your eCommerce ecosystem.

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If you’re looking for an efficient eCommerce platform that is easy for your team to maintain, here are the top features unique to Shopify:

  • Closer code to traditional UX (HTML, Javascript, CSS and liquid)
  • Themes available on Shopify
  • Seamlessly updates to mobile view
  • Merchants are in control of when they choose to allow updates
  • Launchpad, eCommerce automation tool that allows you to schedule and monitor sales, releases, and content changes
  • Shopify Flow, here to help merchants automate workflows.
  • OS 2.0, reduces the need for developers, and ultimately costs.
  • POS integration, for integration with your retail store.
  • Scripts, small pieces of code that give developers the freedom to create their own customised shopping cart.

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Thinking about switching to Shopify for eCommerce growth?
Our Shopify experts have crafted our Cross Migration ebook, which will take you through everything you need to know about the re-platform process.

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