BabyOnline is one of New Zealand’s leading suppliers of environmentally friendly nappies and baby items. Their previous website was cluttered and difficult to navigate, so they asked Zyber to create a new e-commerce store on Shopify to cater for their dozens of categories. 

The Zyber Solution.

Our team at Zyber migrated thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of orders/customer history. The resulting website has superior navigation and offers an improved user experience for the customer. 

Shopify Flow.

Using Shopify Flow, we created a flow using key conditions. The automation streamlined the postage process and order fulfillment, reducing overheads for BabyOnline by approx. $150k per annum. 

3rd Party Integration.

Our team brought in a cleaner, more efficient email integration for BabyOnline’s weekly promotional emails. For the first time, BabyOnline had real sales data from their email campaigns. They were able to measure performance and use data to make improvements to their email campaigns, creating a greater opportunity for growth.



Zyber assisted us to cross platform over to Shopify, this made a massive difference to our business as we could now start to automate our order fulfillment processes which has saved time and money and increased our clients customer value."