Beds R Us

Case Study

Selling big ticket items online?

No worries for Beds R Us, thanks to Zyber.

The Rundown 

Conversion rates have improved by 85% for Beds R Us. 

Beds R Us is a well-known brand throughout New Zealand; as they should be. They’re the largest independent bedding group in the country, with a total of over 40 stores nationwide.
In early 2019 Beds R Us conducted a full rebrand – the works; with a new logo, core colours & messaging. 

 Beds R Us came to Zyber with a request to create a new custom website theme to reflect their new rebrand. Due to some circumstances out of their hands, Beds R Us asked for a quick turnaround – with a five week due date, Zyber were up for the challenge.  

But first, let’s look at the data

Like every client we work with, before our designers get to work on a great new website design, we look at one vital aspect; the data. Using a variety of third party and internal applications, we analyse what’s currently working on the site and where there’s room to improve.

In our findings we found that Beds R Us had a healthy bounce rate (great), users were spending an above average time on the site (awesome), and the site was ranking well organically – all good signs.

The real issue? The conversion rate. Despite the promising website stats, users weren’t converting, resulting in a below average conversion rate and lacklustre monthly online sales. 

Selling high ticket items online 

A common problem had arisen, one we often we see with e-commerce stores selling high ticket items ($500+) – customer confidence. Getting customers to a place of confidence, high enough to part with money and complete their purchase, is often the biggest battle merchants are faced with.

This was no exception when it came to selling beds and mattresses online, with an additional barrier – we knew that customers would be hesitant to click the buy now button simply because they weren’t confident that they had chosen the right bed for them. The data we found (as above) backed that up.

What we did

First up: Improve consumer confidence!

Zyber worked closely with Beds R Us, to create “Sleep Selecter” – a genius custom questionnaire that determined the best bed for the customer based on their personal preferences.

At the end of the questionnaire, the user was presented with a collection of beds that was curated especially for them.

Next, we boosted every product page with more information and images. Working with Beds R Us, the Zyber team came up with a comfort level graph, which gave the user a better understanding of whether or not the bed was right for them.


For an easy User Experience we added a filter function – users could search for a bed with a comfort level of 1-10 (soft – hard), all with the simple click of a button.


Now consumers were being guided through the purchase journey with expert online guidance – confidence in their choice was no longer an issue.

During our conversion rate analysis we’d also found that while many customers were adding products to their cart, they weren’t then viewing the cart page or initiating checkout.

Our solution: A re-design of the customer journey – from adding a product to the cart, right up until the order was completed. We ensured that any and all questions the customer may have along the way were answered – resulting in a completely user friendly journey.


The Results: Conversion rate skyrockets

Over a two month period since the new theme has gone live, we are thrilled to say that Beds R Us have seen an 85% increase in their conversion rate.

They have a 47% increase in revenue via their online store. The average session time users spend on site has also increased by 15%. 

Zyber will continue to work with Beds R Us on a monthly basis to further optimise their website; using our detailed data-first approach, we’ll ensure we continue to increase the store’s conversion rate

Our core focus over the coming months will be:

  • Optimising click and collect, integrating this with the 47 Beds R Us stores
  • Promoting their catalog on new sales channels
  • Creating new content on their store to increase their organic ranking 
  • Using Hubspot’s Shopify integration. 
  • All data to remain clean and accurate using tools like Little Data

Samantha Clarke
Marketing Manager, Beds R Us

“I have dealt with many web dev teams over the years.
I can hand on heart say, I have not dealt with a company who is as easy to deal with, committed, helpful, knowledgeable and generally hassle free.

Nothing is too difficult; Zyber merges common sense, years of combined knowledge and industry best practice to deliver an effective, visually appealing and functional website, as promised and on time.  A simply outstanding results and feedback from the wider group has been nothing but positive.
Communication is common sense, the process is efficient, and the team is skilled beyond their years.

I don’t want to talk prematurely as it early days and the results will speak for themselves – but as far as the delivery of Phase 1, the result has far surpassed my expectations.

Keep up the great work – look forward to working with you all on Phase 2.  (After I take a moment to breath).”