George & Willy provide well-made, quality products for work spaces and the home. Their products adhere to a ‘buy once, buy well’ ethos – designing with the idea that their products inspire spaces and encourage creativity.

What was happening online?

First and foremost we look at data; what was causing their uninspiring online sale figures?

Initially we found George & Willy had a slow site speed. Because of the need to showcase their products there were a lot of large images being used, plus a number of unused applications in the back-end of the site.

Next up, we discovered a really high bounce-rate occurring from social media links, especially when viewed on a mobile. We found that if mobile users came to the homepage they stayed (25-30% bounce rate), if they went straight to a product page they were likely to bounce straight away (70 – 80%). These figures needed to change asap.

George & Willy also had a large drop in views when visitors were on product pages and adding to their cart – again, mobile traffic was the main culprit, but even when taking into account all other devices the product pages were still a main site exit point.

Great traffic from Social Media! But…

George and Willy have a huge presence on social media. A lot of traffic was coming in from Pinterest – this was great! However we found that when clicking through the pins to the website, the pages looked broken! Overall it wasn’t mobile friendly, and all of this would have contributed to customers leaving the site in seconds.

The Zyber solution.

We proposed a theme redesign and optimization for site speed. The idea was to harness the great social media traffic and look at mobile responsiveness (really important in this case!).

Focus was on the product page; we changed the image list to a carousel and made sure that the title and price of the product were right at the top of the page. Customers moving through from social media knew immediately what product they had landed on.

George and Willy’s products are top quality and well made, which was important to tell within the product story. We created custom product pages to tell the story of each particular product, showing how it was made. This included videos, text, images and dimensions; all without sacrificing site speed.

George & Willy.

Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.

The results speak for themselves.

Result Arrow
Increase in conversion rate
Result Arrow
Increase in mobile conversion rate
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21 %
Decrease in bounce rate