Vitally is a subscription based supplements provider. They provide personalised vitamins direct to your door.

Zyber worked with Vitally to create a unique custom cart/pack page, collection page and product pages. To improve the user experience and help Vitally achieve their objectives, the Zyber team delivered a custom recommendation engine that enables Vitally to make custom recommendations based on lifestyle, interests and needs.

The Zyber Solution.

Custom Recommendation Engine:

Vitally can create multiple questionnaires and serve them depending on different criteria such as country, language, etc. The company can create questions, define answers for the user to select, add filters to those questions so a particular question will not be displayed to the customer depending on the answer of a previous question. For example, if you are a male, it won’t ask any pregnancy related questions. It also has a built-in product/answer rating matrix. Meaning that for each answer, Vitally can rank each of the products they have. According to these ranks, the engine will not recommend certain products, but will be more likely to recommend others. For example, if you are vegan, products such as fish oil will be filtered out from the recommended products. 

This smart recommendation engine is designed to ask lifestyle related questions, determine specific sections of the website the customer will likely want to focus on, and will recommend the customer a set of products customised for them based on their answers. 

The team also integrated the Vitally store with a CRM and shipping aggregator to manage stock. Other integrations include Klaviyo, Cin7 and Bold. Each 3rd Party App streamlines business processes for Vitally and helps them scale their business to new heights.