How do you convince shoppers to buy your product, without causing an information overload? Every day at Zyber, we come across eCommerce product pages that are information-poor, confusing, and, frankly, not designed to convert.

In this blog, we highlight four Product Page changes you can make today to turn your shoppers into Customers.


1. Show your shipping Information

This should be a no-brainer, but we see it on eCommerce stores all the time: shipping information missing from the product page, or sometimes missing from the entire site!

The numbers don’t lie: 24% of online shoppers abandon their orders because they “weren’t able to see the total order cost upfront before initiating the checkout”. (Checkout Usability Test, Baymard Institute.) 


Woman Shopping on Mobile


Even if you have a “Shipping Policy” page (which we still recommend), you need to indicate shipping costs to shoppers on the product page. Why? 64% of users look for shipping costs on the product page, before deciding to add a product to the cart. Shoppers want to know what the total cost will be, not just the cost of the item. If you’re still surprising shoppers with high shipping rates at check out, now is the time to stop. It is costing you money.

If you include free shipping, you should be screaming about it! We see so many eCommerce stores that offer free shipping, but don’t tell anyone. This is the best way to encourage conversions, so let people know about this offer! Consider the Free Shipping Bar app by Hextom, to make this easy.


2. Show Your Returns Policy



30 Day Return Policy


Last year, in the U.S. alone, return deliveries cost retailers $381 billion dollars. By 2020, this will increase to $550 billion. (Click here to see the full study, conducted by Shopify Plus.)

When customers buy a product online, a returns policy becomes a fear-factor. You can reduce this by simply stating your Returns Policy on your product page.

In fact, offering a return window of 30-days can increase conversions by as much as 57%. Implement this change and see for yourself. If you put your returns policy in an easily-accessible place on your product page, you will find that it becomes an opportunity to gain customer trust and credibility.


3. Include Product Ratings and Reviews

New visitors will not purchase from your store unless you earn their trust. The problem is, they don’t want to trust you.

The best way to get shoppers to feel enough confidence in your product to buy it is to include reviews.

Whether you use a review app, or just copy-paste them from an email or your Google My Business page, show shoppers what others have to say about your product! If you don’t have any reviews yet, consider sending a trial version of your product out to friends, family, and social media connections, then follow them up for their honest opinion.

Reviews are a fundamental part of your eCommerce success– do not neglect them!


Customer Review Graph


4. Improve the Overall Layout of your Product Page

Do customers view all your product images? Are they reading your well-crafted description? Are they checking out the variants? You could have the best product in the world, but if the product page is difficult to use, visitors will go elsewhere to make their purchases. 

Take the example of a recent client of ours: Bont. Although they are the industry leaders in skating boots, and even though they ran extensive ad campaigns, they were making hardly any website sales.

We took a look at their data and found that 80% of Bont’s visitors came to the site on a mobile device. We also found that the mobile version of the product page was next to impossible to use– their sales were skating off the Bont website and on to someone else’s.

Zyber stepped in and designed a product page that made the buying process simple and enjoyable. Check out the changes we made — particular attention was put into the way variants are selected.




These changes had a direct impact on Bont’s analytics, with a 32% increase in average order value and a 42% increase in total online sales.



Let’s talk about how we can double your conversion rate. 

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by Joe Coles
November 15, 2018


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