Learn how to write product titles that improve your SEO & get people clicking on your products.With your product titles you want them to be short, descriptive, and to the point. This can be tricky to achieve when you’re unsure what kind of information to include in your titles.

We’ve put together a series of questions to help describe your product, as well as tips to keep in mind when writing your titles.


What details should I include?

It really depends on your product and what your customer is looking for. Does your industry depend on model numbers? Different weights like jewellery? Are you selling brand-name items? Is it specially for the kitchen? Does it get used over Christmas?

Here are some questions to help you:

Firstly, what is your product?

Who is it for?

What is the brand?

When is it for? Christmas, Easter, Birthdays etc.

Where is it for? Home, school, work, the kitchen etc.

Does it have a model number?

What size is it? Weight, height, storage size (only if required though).

What kind of texture does it have? Soft, velvety, rough.

Is it scented or flavoured? Cherry, Strawberry, Banana.

What era is it from? 1920’s, 1950’s, 1990’s.

What style is it? Art Deco, Oriental, Pacifica.


How To write your titles

Writing an informative product title is really easy once you have a script that suits your store. Remember that different products, stores, and industries will have a different formula for their product titles. There is no 1 formula that suits every store.

Here’s a few examples playing with the order of Product, Brand, Who it’s for, and the colour.

CHANEL Women’s Long Sleeved Shirt
Women’s CHANEL Long Sleeved Shirt – Grey
Women’s Grey Long Sleeved Shirt – CHANEL

Avoid basic descriptions like this:
Duvet Cover Set

And add sufficient detail like this:
Living & Co Duvet Cover Set Teal Tribal Print

Product Title Writing Tips
There’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when writing your product titles, so we’ve listed them below.

Describe the Actual Product
People often want to use buzz words and really sell how amazing their product is. Which is absolutely fine, but the product title isn’t the place for this.

Make sure you describe what the actual product is and save the marketing for other parts of your website.

Using Capitals
Using capitals (correctly) in your titles is recognised straight away as being a title, and as something that needs to be read in order to make sense of what is being looked at.

George and Willy Product Titles

Finding the Balance / SEO
It can be difficult finding the balance between your title containing enough keywords to be found, but to also have the title short and readable.

You can always add more keywords (in a natural way) in the product description.

Keyword Stuffing
Which brings us to keyword stuffing. Not only do a lot of websites and services not like it, they’re actually incredibly hard to read and comprehend. If you’re importing products from Aliexpress, make sure you tidy up the titles into something readable.

Character Limit
Short catchy titles are best. To keep your titles easy to read and to the point, you should keep your titles to a limit of 55 characters or shorter.

This sentence is not too long at 52 characters long.

Different Titles for Different Products
If you have similar products in your store, it’s important that you use different titles for the different products.You can add a detail that sets them apart. Something like the size, colour, weight, or who it’s for.

Round up
Now that you know how to write a descriptive-to-the-point product title, give it a go!

Remember to
Describe your actual product
Keep it under 55 characters in length
Add details like colour, size, and who it’s for
Not stuff it with keywords
Use capital letters so people know it’s a title


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Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter


by Joe Coles
March 30, 2017


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