Shopify is about providing a back office for stores whereas Squarespace is mostly focused on building beautiful websites. Shopify also focuses on crisp, clean and responsive designs, but they have a more focused eCommerce vision. 

While Shopify is the overall best eCommerce builder, we know it might not be for everyone. Squarespace is known as an all-round website builder and comes with some eCommerce features, so how does it stack up against Shopify?



Shopify offers 3 primary pricing plans of $29, $79 or $299 per month. For enterprise or high-volume merchants, Shopify Plus is also available. For Shopify, there are no product limitations, so merchants are able to see as many products as they wish on all plans. 

Shopify pricing


Squarespace is a more affordable option, but it doesn’t provide as many eCommerce tools, third party apps, or customer support options as Shopify. 

While at first glance Squarespace appears to be a more affordable option, the basic $26 plan is only $3 cheaper than Shopify’s basic plan. When the two plans are compared though, Shopify has 24/7 support, abandoned cart recovery and multi-channel integration. Comparatively, Squarespace has 24/7 support but lacks the other features. In the more advanced plans (we recommend having at least the $79 Shopify plan) merchants can utilise far more sales tools and features on Shopify than on Squarespace. 


We’ve already touched on a few of the features for both Shopify and Squarespace, let’s break it down a bit further.


Shopify can be used almost anywhere and in most currencies (great news for merchants looking to sell across borders) as it allows merchants to use over 100 different third-party payment gateways.

Shopify supports omni-channel selling with Shopify POS and allows offline payments.  

Shopify lets you import and export products via CSV and, unlike Squarespace, doesn’t place any restrictions on exporting products. 

For product presentation, Shopify features zoom-effects for product pictures and videos, as well as all kinds of external apps for photo and video galleries, customer reviews, and even 3D models and augmented reality (AR). 


Squarespace only offers two payment options: Stripe and Paypal. Squarespace also offers POS via an integration with Square, however the platform does not allow for offline payments. 


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In the back-end, Shopify has a sleek and clean interface and a dashboard that’s straightforward and easy to use. On the front-end of the site, Shopify provides modern, responsive designs for a seamless user experience. Shopify features a WYSIWYG editor and full access to the HTML and CSS for custom design. Our front-end developers love to work with Shopify’s clean and responsive designs with fully customisable themes, they love the flexibility and the opportunity to be out-of-the-box. 


Squarespace features a visual drag-and-drop page editor, letting you drag content blocks and drop them in columns or rows. Spacers are used for margins. You can create forms, maps, restaurant menus, buttons, audio players, photo galleries, charts, and more.

Integrations & Add Ons 

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Both Shopify and Squarespace offer third party integrations to add functionality to your site. 


Shopify’s store contains over 2,500 integrations with other platforms; additionally, it contains apps developed to add functionality to Shopify stores. 


Squarespace apps come in the form of ‘extensions’. There are far fewer integrations compared to what Shopify offers. Official integrations with Squarespace (on the top-tier plans) include Mailchimp, Dropbox, OpenTable, Soundcloud, Twitter and a few more. 


Without a doubt, Shopify is a superior solution for eCommerce functionality and business growth. With practically endless features and responsive design, Shopify suits eCommerce merchants from those starting out, right through to high-volume enterprise level merchants. 


by Sequoia Painter
January 10, 2020


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