If you haven’t already heard, Shopify Plus is one of the absolute best tools out there for e-commerce websites. It’s an extremely powerful platform that boasts intuitive and scalable features, making it the choice for some of the world’s biggest brands.

The awesome thing about Shopify Plus is that it grows at the rate of your business; as your operations become more complex, Shopify Plus evolves and moves with you. It becomes simple, and easier, to sell your products on major marketplaces and social networks.

With multichannel capabilities, Shopify Plus will boost customer engagement, improve sales, and increase brand awareness. With over $100B total sales, it’s the e-commerce platform you don’t just want to have – you need to have it, if you want to grow and get ahead of the competition.

Let’s explore why.


Scalability Your aim? Expand on a global scale. Your operations? Will no-doubt increase in complexity as this happens. The solution; scalability.

Shopify Plus offers all merchants unlimited bandwidth and can process up to 8,000 orders per minute, per store. With scalable SaaS (cloud-hosting) that boasts 99.97% uptime, you can trust your flash sales and Black Friday promotions will go off without a hitch.


Manage multiple store fronts

Keep up your global expansion with international storefronts – another great solution offered by Shopify Plus. Multiple stores also allow you to launch distinct sub-brands, or experiment with new products and customer solutions.

Watch this video to see how Shopify Plus can empower your business with multiple store-fronts.


With the Plus multi-shop management solution you can manage your stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions and automation tools (like Shopify Flow, more on this below) – all in one unique dashboard.

This dashboard is just one area that Shopify Plus excels in showing intuition – creating an easy access point to analyse and grow your global commerce expansion.




  • Mobilize your entire team: Make it easier for your team to do their job, with the right permissions and tools.
  • Strategize at scale: Get a snapshot of your business performance; instantly see a global view of analytics, staff accounts, stores, and workflows. Turn this insight and data into growth strategies to reach new markets and regions.
  • Accelerate growth with automation: Streamline your entire business with the power of ecommerce automation. One example? A centralized view of all your Shopify Flow workflows – save time by simultaneously automating tasks across multiple stores.

Scroll down to check out the Shopify Flow video – we explain how we saved one client 150K per annum with Shopify Flow automation.

Complete checkout customisation

The basic themes of Shopify, as they come, are already incredibly well designed and responsive. As a hosted platform, there are a few limitations with what sections you can change, and which parts of the fundamental code you can access.

Shopify Plus goes next level with a fully customizable front-end, through Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript control. With this control you can fully customize your checkout experience, incorporate conversion optimization techniques, and push your sales to the next level.

The checkout is one of the most important spaces of your store for your customers, and with Shopify Plus you can access checkout customizations; personalizing the process for tagged customers and providing a better overall User Experience (and of course, increase your sales).

Plus also offers a variety of payment options such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Shopify Pay; all of which expediate the checkout process and boost conversions (especially great for mobile users).

Shopify Flow

We deep-dive intothe advantages of Shopify Flow here, but let’s sum up this transformative tool as well. In Zyber’s experience, access to the Flow tool alone (through Shopify Plus) can completely transform your sales process (just watch the video below to see how!).

Flow is an automation tool that can overhaul entire workflow systems and streamline your online sales. It uses an effective three-step process to kick-start automatic actions; you start with a trigger, set optional conditions on when it should run, and decide on an ideal end action.

With just one Shopify Flow automation, Zyber recently saved one client 150K per annum. Check out the video below to hear the story!



Ready to go global? Shopify Payments make this key stage in your growth a whole lot easier. 

With Plus you can utilize multi-currency throughout your site all the way to your checkout; customers browse and pay in their local currency, making it simple and easy to purchase products and improving the overall User Experience. Your prices are automatically converted based on the foreign exchange rate, and the conversion fee included in the total your customers pay. 

Removing the currency barrier makes it a lot easier for customers to decide on purchases and removes any pesky hassles at the checkout – meaning more sales for your brand! 

High Volume Traffic + Launchpad

You’ve got a big campaign coming up, with a massive sale – is your website going to be able to handle all the extra traffic? With Launchpad (a feature of Shopify Plus) you can automate ecommerce campaigns and flash sales, taking any worries about high-volume traffic away. This exclusive tool also allows you to schedule, monitor, and manage everything for your sales in one place, making running your marketing campaigns easier than ever.




  • Increase awareness by scheduling promotions to publish across multiple sales channels
  • Save time by creating preset discounts on products or collections
  • Capitalize on those customizable themes and roll these designs out to update automatically
  • Schedule any of your changes to roll back when the event ends

You can also set limited inventory levels prior to the sale starting (driving urgency), and track those ever-important analytics with a real-time dashboard.

Shopify Scripts

Create yet another personalized experience for your customers with Shopify Scripts; a feature that allows you to create custom code in the Script Editor. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic, tailoring the user experience during checkout.

Set up discounts like:

  •  Buy one get one free
  •  Percentage, fixed-price, or a combination of both
  •  Bulk discounts
  •  Free shipping

Shopify Scripts lets you experiment with new pricing models; leading to great results like attracting new customers, incentivising high spends, and marketing straight to your VIP customers.


Higher API Limits

Ready to take your Shopify store to the next level? Boost your features and e-commerce campaigns with the multitude of excellent apps available on Shopify Plus; all completed verified and checked by the Shopify team. With thousands of apps available, the options to extend and improve your store are almost unlimited.

When teamed with Shopify Plus, you gain access to higher API limits; extending your limits once again with app integrations. You’ll find that you’ll easily be able to connect and run your apps and software – with efficient, real-time connections. Tie your CRM, your accounting and even your marketing seamlessly together without worrying about hitting any limitations.

Shopify apps and integrations can help with anything from customer service, to handling discounts, marketing and inventory management.



Entering the wholesale market gets easier once again with Shopify Plus. In fact, high-volume selling becomes almost seamless, with exceptional B2B channels and features on Plus – all designed to help you expand your market and sell to valuable customers.

With features like a password-protected storefront for select customers, automated customer on-boarding, and personalised products and pricing, moving into wholesale ecommerce is easy (all while you increase your average order value and volume).

  • List wholesale-specific products
  • Set custom prices only your most valuable customers will see
  • Create custom price catalogues
  • Review orders before invoicing for negotiated deals
  • Send credit card and online payments as usual, or send an invoice with negotiated discounts (for your customers that prefer the human touch).

Shopify Plus is one of the most efficient and intuitive e-commerce platforms out there. Focus on your priorities (sales and customers), and let the intuitive and highly scalable platform work it’s magic.


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by Raihanath Bindh Latheef
May 1, 2020


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