What is happening August 10th?
From August 10th 2020, your website will no longer be accessible to the public unless, we perform an update with the current Content Management System.
At the bottom of this page, there is a form for you to fill out and confirm that you accept Zyber updating your website.

Why is this happening?
The third party provider we have used in the past to build your website is updating the Content Management System. This update is taking place forcing everyone to update their website.
On our we are assisting all Zyber clients by updating the A records so that your website remains active. We can not do this if we do not host your domain.
Please note we have been warned that the update can change some styling of the website. It is important that you approve for Zyber to commence cross migrating the site and making sure everything looks like it is on the current site.
The updating of the visuals on the website, comes at an additional fee. You have the option, to update the styling yourself once the migration has taken place.

What happens next?
A Zyber specialist will be working with our CMS partner in helping migrate each website over to the new server.
We are updating the A record so that your domain points to the new address your website will have by moving over to a new server.
We are also updating content that is manipulated when the cross migration takes place.
Issues that may take place;
– Font displaying differently
– broken images
– broken links
– Missing assets
We need you to give us the approval to commence updating the website by selecting the options in the form below.

What is the cost?
Updating the website and domain A record: $490+GST
SSL certificate for your website:$195+GST (Optional, Ongoing yearly).

What If I don’t upgrade?
If we host your domain, we will point it to the upgraded CMS, your website will be up and running. There may be some fonts or image missing, due to the upgrade process.
If your domain is not hosted with Zyber, you will need to change the A record to and CNAME record for www to “Your domain address(ex:abc.co.nz)”.
If no A record or CNAME record are changed, the following will happen.
If someone tried to go to your website there will be a 404 error that the website is no longer available.
In short, no one will be able to see your site at all if you do not upgrade.
Zyber will not be responsible for any loss of leads, opportunity of sales or lost income.
If your domain is hosted with us we will redirect the domain to the new server, but we will not update the theme if any changes are needed as stated the issues your website may have with the upgrade.
Issues that may take place;
– Font displaying differently
– broken images
– broken links
– Missing assets
If your domain is not hosted with us and you wish to do it yourself, please contact support@zyber.co.nz and we will provide the A records you are needing.

I know my website is old, can I upgrade to a better Content Management System?
Yes, over the past 11 years, technology has vastly improved for website functionality. We recommend you speak to us about jumping on a more powerful CMS if you are selling online or generating leads via your website and take advantage of newer tech to improve your online presence. We have packages to help our loyal customers migrate over. Please note these packages commence from $4000 and above.

Please insert your details that you allow us to proceed with the update.
Alternatively, if you want to move to a more powerful CMS entirely please get in touch with us on info@zyber.co.nz

By submitting the form below, I approve that Zyber will commence to cross migrate my website and be invoiced for their work.

I Still have some questions.
If you have any further questions please call Zyber Support desk: 09 280 3680.
Thank you.

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