3DCart vs Shopify – Which is the Better eCommerce Platform?

Both are fully hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, and both boast usability and eCommerce features. They each provide site hosting, web security and customer support for a monthly subscription. 


Shopify hosts more than 1 million stores worldwide, the platform is known for its usability and affordability. Merchants at all stages of business are able to access and use the software, whether they are a startup or a thriving high-volume enterprise. 


The 3dcart platform is relatively easy to learn and is overall a feature-rich eCommerce solution, also built to serve merchants large and small, but is not quite as intuitive as Shopify. Users often report customer support is not reliable. 3dcart is a far less popular platform with fewer overall merchants utilising their services. Popularity doesn’t determine quality though, so let’s take a closer look at Shopify vs. 3dcart.



Shopify offers 3 primary pricing plans of $29, $79 or $299 per month. For enterprise or high-volume merchants, Shopify Plus is also available. 

Shopify pricing


With pricing ranging from $19 for a startup store through to $229.00 for a pro store, 3dcart offers 5 pricing options. The pricing options are on-par with Shopify’s pricing options. 

3dcart pricing



Shopify strives to offer businesses a robust set of features above-and-beyond what any competitor can offer. With customisable themes, the ability to edit HTML and CSS if you choose to (or choose to pay Shopify Experts to do so for you), Shopify Payments, shopping cart and customisable checkout, store management with inventory, product management tools and impeccable marketing and analytics capabilities. Shopify also boasts superb mobile functionality, particularly with the release of the all-new Shop app

Shopify also features more available devices, such as android, iPhone, Mac, Web-Based and Windows. 

  • All key and advanced shopping cart features
  • Web-based website builder
  • 100+ professional themes
  • Full blogging platform
  • Mobile commerce ready
  • Brand and customising of your online store
  • Your own domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automatic carrier shipping rates
  • Accept credit card with Shopify
  • 70 payment gateways
  • Flexible shipping rates
  • Automatic taxes
  • Multiple languages and currencies
  • Customer service
  • Shopify app store


Featuring an online store builder, a domain name, shopping cart and checkout, and payment processing, shipping, integrations and customer support, 3dcart provides the essentials for eCommerce. 3dcart available devices include iPhone/iPad and Web-Based, limited in comparison to Shopify. 

  • Support for backorders and wait lists
  • Inventory control: batch editing and low stock alerts
  • Support for digital products
  • Product options including bundles
  • CRM features like Mailing List Manager
  • Lots of SEO tools
  • Support for gift certificates, coupons, discounts, gift registries, and wish lists
  • Bulk importing and exporting
  • Customisable invoices and packing slips
  • Shipment tracking
  • Robust Tax and Shipping calculators

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Well known for beautiful and responsive design options, the Shopify Themes marketplace lets you browse a robust selection of top-notch themes, both free and paid. For those with little experience and little budget, Shopify provides a drag and drop option for merchants to customise their theme. Shopify also offers more technical code editing capabilities for more complex customisation (speak to us if you’re interested in custom integrations or builds). 


Also offering a range of mobile responsive themes but users have at times complained of the dated look and feel of these. Though functional and responsive, they tend to lack the sleek look that is expected on a modern eCommerce platform. Templates are primarily edited using the HTML and CSS editors but also includes a limited editor for drag and drop. 



With 2500+ apps for businesses to integrate with their Shopify store, Shopify offers advanced functionality from shipping to email strategy. Shopify also has an API to enable custom applications – Zyber has developed a number of custom APIs for clients. 


Offering integrations for a variety of features (including order management, shipping, security, social media, dropshipping, and more). The downside of 3dcarts app options is that users complain that the cost of these add-ons can quickly become expensive.  3dcart also has an API available. 

Overall, both offer the features necessary for an eCommerce website. However, Shopify is preferred for most users who seek a responsive, easy-to-use platform that enables them to focus on their business and growth. 

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by Sequoia Painter
November 9, 2019


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