Many companies are asking how to proceed in receiving funding regarding Digital Enablement.
Up to 40 million dollars has been set aside to assist companies with Digital Enablement, (eCommerce, consulting, coaching, training, workshop, support) We strongly recommend that you commence registering your details with RBPN (Regional Partner Business Network) If you are in need of financial support during these times.
Good news,  Zyber is a registered Regional Business Partner, to help those who wish to receive up to a maximum of $5000 of funding towards their business under the Digital Enablement support.
Please read below.For  COVID-19 funding support, please below:To create a NEW registration on the RBPN go here: .
Following your registration, you should receive an email with a link that you need to follow to complete a short survey.After that survey form has been received and processed by the RBPN, an advisor will be allocated to you.  At this point please email the advisor your proposal.

In your email please express that you are applying for COVID-19 funding support, in the Business Continuity planning area and have been referred by Zyber Limited.

If you are already registered please email / (09 365 0510) and please express that you are applying for COVID-19 funding support/Digital enablement, in the Business Continuity planning area. 
Please ensure you mentioned that you have been referred by Zyber Limited and attach your proposal. (Speak to us if you are needing a proposal).


Need help? Fill out the form below, we can assist you asap.

If you are unsure of anything please feel free to contact us (09 280 3680).

Register now to receive $5000 worth of funding.


by zyber2020
August 14, 2020


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