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Gary Vee recently caught up with Tobi Lutke, Shopify Founder and CEO, to chat Shopify, eCommerce and the future of Business. Here are our 3 takeaways.


Shopify and Shopify Plus are having a significant impact on Business around the world. 

As leading Shopify experts, this doesn’t surprise us. Shopify is arming entrepreneurs at a staggering level. The tools Shopify provides arm business owners for scale and are playing a meaningful role not only in the survival of SMBs but also in the growth and success of large enterprises. In fact, Shopify Plus is enabling the biggest brands in the world to realise the value of a fast, lower-cost, easy-to-use platform. It’s truly transforming business. 

Covid-19 is clearly going to change a lot of opinions on how to do business. 

Every business is now a digital business. In their 150 year history, Heinz has never opted into a direct-to-consumer strategy, but when Covid-19 hit, they immediately built a direct-to-consumer medium. It’s no secret 2020 has changed a lot and we’re going to see a lasting impact on how business is approached, how decisions are made and how consumers behave. 

After WWII everything had to be rebuilt, so builders provided incredible value at that time, showing that in every crisis or situation some industries will suffer and others will thrive. Covid-19 is leading to a rebuild of sorts and to succeed business owners will need to once again fall in love with the concept of building from the ground up, to fall in love with the purity that exists at the base of a transaction: the exchange of one thing of value for another. 

As Tobi Lutke said, “we’re the custodians of this part of human history”. Here at Zyber, we believe this generation, and future generations, can steward history well by leaning into innovation and opportunity. 

The most adaptable businesses are the ones that are thriving.

There will be interesting innovations in light of Covid-19, competition is going to change, companies need to stay ahead of them otherwise they’ll fall behind more innovative, creative, and emerging competitors. 

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Businesses should be considering whether their product or service is more suited to 2010 or 2030. If Businesses follow the trend line, if the answer of whether their product is suited to 2030 is yes, then we encourage them to go all in. All innovative change is happening more rapidly because the entire world now has the experience and understanding of working digitally for their companies. This time in history is ripe for innovation and opportunity. Many great companies are created and get their legs during a time of crises. If a business wants to win, the important thing is to not die. So, optimise for that. 


by Sequoia Painter
May 19, 2020


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