It’s time to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 


  1.  CRO – take your store from “ok” to “wow”
  2. Integration – Streamline your Sales Flow
  3. Outstanding SEO – Consistent Traffic, More Sales.
  4. Support and Success Experts, on your team.
  5. Expand your reach with Shopify and B2B wholesale
  6. Klayvio and Shopify: Email Marketing Success
  7. Next-level Branding and Design
  8. Launchpad – automation for high-volume sales.
  9. Success with Shopify Plus
  10. Conclusion

Shopify is, without a doubt, the best platform around for eCommerce stores. 

The team at Zyber have been hand-selected and vetted by Shopify themselves as a recognised team of eCommerce specialists and Shopify platform experts.

With 11+ years as Shopify Experts we’ve gathered the techniques, knowledge and tools needed to help a multitude of businesses succeed, and thrive, online.  

Got a Shopify question, and not sure where to start?

This article takes that knowledge and guides you through the foundations, step-by-step, of what it takes to build a successful Shopify store.

We’ll take you through:

  • Optimizing your Conversions
  • Running smooth sales processes with integration
  • Understanding how to make SEO work for you
  • Finding a support expert 
  • Expanding your reach with eComm wholesale
  • Generating more sales with email marketing
  • Optimizing your brand and design
  • Using automation to increase sales
  • When to go next level with Shopify Plus


CRO – take your store from “ok” to “wow”

Conversion Rate Optimisation – three brilliant words that perk up our expert ears.

As your eCommerce and Shopify experts, we know that CRO (conversion rate optimization) is what takes your online store from ‘ok’ to ‘wow’. And why wouldn’t it? We’re talking more of the right customers on your site, more sales converting, more money in your pocket. These are results driven straight from data – ones that make an outstanding difference to our client’s bottom line.

eCommerce is a contextual art. What works for Sally down the road won’t necessarily work for you and your business. The solutions for their site can’t, and shouldn’t be, brought in and applied to your website. Your business, target audience and product are unique to you.

Conversions = Total number of users to your site / Number of Sales.

Take that formula and apply it to your monthly website visitors – how’s your CRO stacking up?

We advise approaching CRO by looking at systematic processes, as opposed to applying blanket tactics or ‘golden rules’.

CRO starts by driving new growth – through solid research and data-based experimentation. Research helps you understand your visitors and what they do, experimentation helps you find the best solution for any issues.

Here’s a case study to break this down.

Tik Tok – you’ve probably heard of it by now, and for good reason. With over 800 million active users worldwide, a massive 41 percent of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24. 

Tik Tok is an ideal marketing platform to bring in that younger crowd – they’ve already been actively engaged on the app, and if your product targets this demo in any way you’re sitting on a potential gold-mine.

Now imagine they land on your site after watching videos on TikTok…and your site is optimized for mobile. Your CRO from this source will be dramatically affected. Mobile optimization is key here.

Let’s take a look at our case study for mobile optimization – George and Willy. By fixing their speed and UX experience for mobile users, we reduced their bounce rate by 21% on mobile and increased their overall conversion rate by a massive 80% – with an increase of 85% on mobile.

You can read more about George & Willy, and our exact process, here.

The number of factors that can affect CRO are vast – think of it as a living, breathing organism. It changes, grows, and decreases, depending on a multitude of data points.

Steps to improve your CRO

Proven processes: First and foremost we start with data – research and insights allow us to come out on top with hard data to explain what’s happening, and why.

Tools and apps: Automation saves time, gathers, and makes more sales. Spently is an excellent example to improve your CRO.

Copywriting: Driven by data just as much as other CRO technique, conversion copy is much more than fluffy words.Review data from analytics and research, wireframing / site layout, and UX.

Psychology: Convert your visitors into paying customers using research and psychology-based techniques – qualitative data is a huge part of CRO, which is, after all, the practice of persuading visitors to change their behaviour for your benefit. The blending of qualitative and quantitative data is incredibly powerful.

User Experience (UX): When looking at the effect UX has on your CRO, we highly recommend starting with a heuristic analysis of your site. Head here to get the breakdown on how to evaluate your UX for conversion.

Testing: One of the foundational elements of CRO, A/B testing, (also known as split testing) compares two versions of the same webpage. 

A/B testing shows how small changes, shown to a relatively similar audience, can produce different outcomes. Read more about how A/B testing can improve your conversions here.

Conversions are a big deal – it’s the moment a website visitor turns from a browser to a customer. After all, that’s what we’re all here for, right?

CRO is about using systematic processes to tailor solutions unique to you and your business.


Integration – Streamline Your Sales Flow

Revolutionize your business and free up your time with integration.

Integration, put simply, is the interconnectivity between the apps and flows you already have in place.
Consider it your business saviour – integration creates a customer-friendly experience that’s a step above the rest.

At Zyber we’re integration specialists. We know you might already be using several different programmes – we can streamline these to work simultaneously.

Here’s how integration works:

  • API – Application Programming Interface, or API for short, is a tool used by programmers when creating software. It’s like a little, invisible messenger that delivers communications between your programmes.
    By leaving this up to the experts and the Shopify platform, the process is smooth and the legwork is done; so you can spend more time doing what you do best (running your business).
  • Field Mapping – Combined with Integration, field mapping involves transporting data from fields in one app, to fields in another. You can read more examples here.
  • Webhooks – these work in similar ways to APIs, in that they tell your various apps to send automated messages and information to one another. Like a TXT message, webhooks communicate in order for the programmes to act accordingly when an action is taken.

You’ll save time and money. You don’t need to learn to navigate, or invest in, new accounting software – Shopify integrations include:

  • Xero
  • MYOB
  • NetSuite
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft 365

We’ve implemented a number of other programmes for our clients, and we’ll modify yours to suit you perfectly.

A tailored customer service experience

Integration doesn’t just make your business easier for you to use – when done right, integration also makes it easier for your customers too.  By allowing your different programmes to work seamlessly with one another and trade information about your customers, you’re providing a tailored and improved customer experience.

Convenience is king, and the modern eCommerce world is a battleground of retailers trying to provide the easiest service. 

At Zyber we have access to a range of tools to ensure that your Shopify store runs as smoothly as possible for both you and your clients.  

Tools like Spently allow you to monitor analytics, create automated email sequences, and send out personalised follow-up email sequences.  Utilise your customers’ data to increase your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) – problems like abandoned carts will be a thing of the past.

It doesn’t matter what your business does or how it’s structured – the flexibility of integration means there’s a system you can put in place that will streamline your processes and save you a whole lot of time and money.


Outstanding SEO – Consistent Traffic, More Sales

One of the most important building blocks for your business web presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives consistent, high-quality, organic traffic to your website – that means the right visitors, who eventually turn into paying customers.
Working with the expert team at Zyber, your traffic and sales won’t just increase, they’ll skyrocket.

SEO is often broken down into these three categories:

  • Off-page: Link strategies from other websites
  • Technical: The infrastructure of your website, so that search engines can access, crawl, interpret and index it without any problems
  • On-page: The content on your pages.

Let’s look at the facts – only 4.8% of searchers make it to the second page of search results.

Page three stats are nothing but dismal. Brilliant SEO makes the click-through rates from first page results pretty impressive – head here to learn how to drive more traffic with on-page SEO.

Shopify on laptop

Image source: Zyber

SEO’s 4 Key Principles

Taking into account these 4 principles, you’ll be ranking as high as you can for the keywords and search terms your potential customers are using.
The result? More organic traffic, more sales.

  • Keyword research:  Know your audience. Know what they’ll be searching to find you before they know it themselves. Keywords are the first step to outstanding SEO. Check out what’s working for the competition, or use one of the many keyword tools available. Wondering what processes a Shopify and SEO expert will use? We’ve outlined examples here.
  • Metadata: Write for people, first and foremost. If a keyword looks out of place, Google will notice and so will your customers. Whatever you do, do not keyword stuff (putting as many keywords as possible all over your pages and metadata). It doesn’t work, Google will penalize you, and it will take a while to crawl back from.
  • Content marketing: Quality content is king, and Zyber knows it. Write in a brand voice that appeals to your target audience, and Google will reward you.
    A bit of research on your competition will help you work out where to step it up a notch and really stand out from the masses.
  • Indexing and analytics: At Zyber, we don’t just like data, we love it. There are a few programs we’d highly recommend to keep track of traffic, set-up goals to measure conversions, and track time spent on site.

Make sure you check out how to Drive More Traffic with On-Page SEO.

Shopify has a range of in-built features perfect for kick-starting your SEO strategy. A bunch of automated features paired with easy to edit meta descriptions, alt text and user-friendly themes makes SEO with Shopify a breeze – which is why it’s our platform of preference.


Support and Success Experts, On Your Team

Support has to be an ongoing journey that continually adapts and innovates.

Support doesn’t happen with the delivery of a fast and functional website – for the team at Zyber that’s just the beginning.  We’re here to grow with you, which means innovative solutions that keep your website performing at the top of its game.

Support for your website means having a digital expert on your team. We’re here to help you keep up and stay one step ahead of the curve. We’ll keep your website at peak performance while ensuring it does the job it’s meant to do – making you sales.

There are some hard and fast areas of support that we won’t budge on. We know from helping a multitude of eCommerce business owners and companies that these areas are non-negotiable – they’re vital to track your success and growth.

Support and Success services vary depending on your needs – we’re part of your marketing and sales team, and on-hand to help your business grow in the area it needs, whether that be;

At Zyber we also like to take it one step further – we find data patterns, optimize, and drive conversions with technology-based initiatives.


Data Diving

When you combine the experience of a digital strategist with your business data and industry benchmarks, you get results.
We frack your data and use the insights to guide you on the key steps you need to take to continue your growth trajectory.


Target Audience Personas 

We look deep into groups within your target market, find commonalities, and begin to specifically market to them.
Once we’ve defined pain-points you can solve, we set KPIs to reach. The data and segmentation we’ve put together decides the message, design and UX of your website – all targeting a specific customer, their needs and their wants.



Automation refers to triggers on your website that kick-start automatic actions. As your Support and Success experts, we continuously monitor and evaluate your site for areas to introduce new automation.
What strategy can we implement for you? That’s where the success happens, and where the support needs to kick in.



The digital strategists at Zyber will use their expertise to drive sales to your door with the best marketing strategy and ongoing support. Whether you need advert designs, copywriting or target audience segmentation, we’ll ensure you’re maximizing the data at your disposal.



As your business grows (which it will with our partnership), having trusted 3PL providers is one of those fundamental aspects you need to get right.
Supporting your success comes naturally to us – we’re a part of your team.



Using technology-focused initiatives, a website roadmap can determine when the right time is to build new pages or sections into your site, and provide a guide for identifying and auditing improvements and optimizations.

The real relationship starts when your website goes live. That’s why Zyber, as Support and Success experts, develop a month by month strategy for your business. You’re always guaranteed dedicated focus, support, guidance, development and strategy. That’s how you know that we deliver what we’ve said we would. 

We test. We optimize. We support. We meet with you weekly, or daily. We’re your partners, the ones who’ll always help you stay one step ahead.


Expand your Reach with Shopify and B2B Wholesale

Wholesale online: It’s a no brainer.

Whether you’re currently working in wholesale and B2B, or actively moving your growing business into this field, our experts can guide you on your way to wholesale success.

No matter how it’s presented, a responsive wholesale store needs to:

  • Work for both participants: You, the business owner, and your clients
  • Perform efficiently alongside your retail site
  • Have a number of pricing and discount features

Moving to Shopify Plus is a great idea, but maybe that’s not where you’re at yet. It’s a large investment, tailored toward fast-growing merchants who are selling at an enterprise level.

Of course Shopify has a multitude of options to ensure you can reap all the benefits of a strategic wholesale site, without necessarily moving to Shopify Plus.
Here’s just a few of the wholesale features a Shopify site can deliver.

Image Source

B2B Customer Benefits

Shopify wholesale sites offer a number of other benefits your customers will appreciate.

  • On account checkout: There’s no need to pay on checkout, like with a retail site. We recommend offering net payment terms to select customers, allowing them to check out without paying upfront. Send through an invoice, just like normal.
  • Saved time: Instead of setting up a meeting with a sales rep, your clients can log-in to their own, personalized wholesale portal. They’ll see their prices and agreed upon discounts, and be sent an invoice once they’ve placed their order.  It saves hours per month (let’s face it, every one’s busy), and the entire process is still completely customized for them.
  •  Incentivized discounts: Show customers how much more they need to spend in order to get the best discount. There’s nothing like the VIP treatment.


Keep it personal, without sacrificing your time

Throw away the hand-written proposals and manual orders. We wouldn’t be New Zealand’s Leading Shopify Experts if we didn’t have the best strategies in place to streamline your wholesale business.

Shopify has a multitude of B2B options – whether you move toward a fully automated order system with Shopify client portal, or keep up your face-to-face interactions and place orders remotely, we’ll find a solution that works for you.

By adjusting your wholesale Shopify site to put in the hard yards for you, you’re setting yourself up for success. We like to say your website should be working as a 24/7 employee, and in this case, it’s going to become your top salesperson too.


Klaviyo and Shopify: Email Marketing Success

A marketing automation platform that packs plenty of unique, conversion-generating punches.

As automation evolves at a pace only technology can, it’s important to us here at Zyber that we use and recommend the best tools available. Enter Klaviyo.

One of the few email marketing services built specifically for e-commerce, Klaviyo taps into your customers in a way no other platform does. Deliver memorable experiences and ultimately, drive more sales.

Some of the top features of Klaviyo include: 

  • Abandoned cart flows
  • Post-purchase follow up emails
  • Syncing email lists to Facebook custom audiences
  • Segmentation based on multiple eCommerce factors
  • Multivariate testing: Experiment with different content, subject lines, or timing of emails in a series.
  • Personalized product recommendations

One of Klaviyo’s most notable attributes is its intuitive, user-friendly, drag-and-drop automation builder which allows you to tailor customer journeys using real-time data and behaviour triggers.

Dubbed ‘The Visual Canvas’, Klaviyo’s flow builder lets you design flows within flows, and see at a glance how each customer will travel through them.

Combining this ease of use with targeted data flows and audience segmentation, starting Klaviyo is a no brainer. 

You can personalise your automated email sequences based on factors like customer lifetime value, lifecycle stage, and brand loyalty.

  • Behavioural data: Build segments using behavioural and transactional data such as site browsing, engagement with your campaigns or making a purchase.
  • Customer data: Target by attributes like location, or use information you’ve collected (like birthdays or wedding dates) to give personalized messages and tailored recommendations.
  • Integrated data: Use data from fulfilment tracking services, rewards platforms, helpdesk software, and other marketing tools.
  • Events: Target flows based on special events and conditions, like a purchase or subscribing to a list.


Reporting – gather that data gold

Klaviyo’s reporting capabilities are jam-packed full of features that give you real-time data and customisable metrics. This means your reports can be tailored to your business, your customers and how you work best.

There are numerous filters you can apply to track your metrics, compare to previous campaigns and utilize the real-time activity stream to show who recently completed an action.

We know there are other email marketing services out there with a good rep, like Mailchimp. But we’ve crunched the numbers – the Shopify experts at Zyber can see that Klaviyo leaves Mailchimp in its dust with it’s easy to use interface and vast, detailed automation options.

Klaviyo and Shopify – a match made in marketing heaven

As recognised Shopify and Shopify Plus experts, we at Zyber know what it takes to create memorable customer journeys and powerful campaigns. Combining Klaviyo and Shopify helps you do exactly that, fast.

One click is all it takes to connect Klaviyo to your Shopify store and sync your historical data, allowing you to start sending effective, customer-driven emails within minutes. 

Email marketing is so much more than sending automated emails to new customers. Done right, it can drive sales, inspire repeat purchases, build your brand and nurture meaningful relationships with your audience.

In our humble (expert) opinion, Klaviyo is the answer to all our email marketing prayers. Save time, create a brand people love, and make more money. Sounds good to us.


Next-level Branding and Design

More than a name, more than a logo.

You already know that you need a name and a logo to be recognisable out there in the commerce world. But branding is so much more than that – you want to make sure your business can stand out in a crowd, and be recognised in an instant.

Branding takes into account a number of essential elements.

  • Mission Statement: A mission statement defines your company’s goals, the market needs it hopes to fill, and the policies it will implement to achieve this.
    Focus on a strong, intentional mission statement to show your audience what you stand for.
  • Brand Voice: Done right, your brand voice will help you become a leading brand in your field – without it, you’re just another noise vying for attention.
    Start with your mission statement, then figure out your audience persona – know exactly who you’re talking to. Use a strong, unique brand voice to resonate with your ideal clients, and engage with them to keep them on your website for longer. A strong brand voice will end up increasing the likelihood of a sale.
    When your web copy considers your brand voice, the cohesion and strength of your brand skyrockets. Consider hiring a professional copywriter to ensure your copy and brand voice pack a real punch.
  • Visual Design: Design includes everything – from your logo, to the choice of images you display on your website, to the colour scheme you use.
    Despite the wide scope, there are rules that need to be applied across your designs and branding. By following these principles, you’ll be able to create effective, impactful compositions. Most importantly, your design will impact your chosen audience and reflect your brand completely.


Assets that represent your brand

When you think of branding design, your first thought will either be graphic design, or a logo. Graphic design encompasses elements like your social media graphics, infographic and email headers. In contrast, branding and logo design include the visual elements of your brand and brand identity; logos, typography, colour palettes and style guides.

Visual branding is the creation of assets that represent your brand; it should illustrate your mission, vision, and values.

UI vs. UX 

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design both focus on improving how your website, is interacted with. UI design is responsible for the appealing, visually-pleasant, on-brand experience your visitors have, through aspects like web page and app design. UX design is responsible for making sure your website actually works – is it usable, do the user flows make sense? 

They’re both vital elements for increasing sales. Shopify experts like the team here at Zyber will dive into data when designing UI and UX elements – we want to make sure we understand customer behaviour flows and needs, then meet and exceed their expectations.

Web Design is the front end of your brand and business – the part your customers see. It goes without saying that we want your website to effectively convert traffic into leads – for this, you need web design with excellent functionality and UX.

Our Web Design Strategists have a stack of expert techniques up their sleeve to ensure you capture your chosen markets through smart, data-driven branding and website design.


Launchpad – automation for high-volume sales

Working smarter, not harder.

At Zyber we’re about doing things differently – like scaling digital business with a splash of brilliance and outside-of-the-box thinking. That includes looking at how we handle growth, and times of high volume sales. Working smarter, not harder.

Scheduling an event like a flash sale can generate incredible cash-flow, but can take a lot of work to prepare for.

We have a solution.

Launchpad is an app that works with Shopify Plus to schedule sales and promotions across every channel.

Campaigns. Flash sales. New product launches. All automated for a simplified and low-risk execution.

Stay in control while your sales roll in

We’re all about streamlining your opportunities and delivering an all-round smooth customer experience. That’s where automation comes in; why do something manually, when you can create a simple, automated action that always delivers the exact results you’re after?

Campaign late-nights become a thing of the past – Launchpad automations reduce, and eliminate, the complications of running online events. Sales once again become a streamlined opportunity for your brand to grow, without the added hassle and stress.

With Launchpad you have complete control. Create a streamlined customer experience and increase CRO by designing campaign themes that automatically roll out as soon as your sale goes live. Schedule front-end customizations to deliver a smooth customer experience from product page, through to checkout.

  • Put the spotlight on your featured products
  • Make it easy for customers to find new inventory
  • Draw attention to special discounts and exclusive sales

Focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business by putting your event on autopilot. Everything is pre-planned, for perfect execution.

We wouldn’t be the digital specialists we are without looking into the live reporting and data that comes with Launchpad. Data is the pinnacle guide when it comes to running campaigns – telling you where your sales have hit the mark, and where you can improve and optimize for next time.

Ease of operations, multiple elements and features, and all the hard yards taken care of – Launchpad is the high-volume business solution you need, yesterday.


Success with Shopify Plus

Multiple storefronts, customisable checkouts, and beyond.

If you haven’t already heard, Shopify Plus is one of the absolute best tools out there for e-commerce websites. It’s an extremely powerful platform that boasts intuitive and scalable features, making it the choice for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Shopify Plus offers all merchants unlimited bandwidth and can process up to 8,000 orders per minute, per store. With scalable SaaS (cloud-hosting) that boasts 99.97% uptime, you can trust your flash sales and Black Friday promotions will go off without a hitch.

Shopify Plus membership includes a brilliant dashboard for managing multiple shopfronts – creating an easy access point to analyse and grow your global commerce expansion.

The basic themes of Shopify, as they come, are already incredibly well designed and responsive. As a hosted platform, there are a few limitations with what sections you can change, and which parts of the fundamental code you can access.

Shopify Plus goes next level with a fully customizable front-end, through Liquid, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript control. With this control you can fully customize your checkout experience, incorporate conversion optimization techniques, and push your sales to the next level.

You can read more about the complete checkout customisation options available with Shopify Plus here.

Scripts, Higher API limits, multi-currency capabilities and Launchpad. Just some of the other outstanding features offered by Shopify Plus.

Transform your sales process with Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is an automation tool that can overhaul entire workflow systems and streamline your online sales. It uses an effective three-step process to kick-start automatic actions; you start with a trigger, set optional conditions on when it should run, and decide on an ideal end action.In Zyber’s experience, access to the Flow tool alone (through Shopify Plus) can completely transform your sales process.

Shopify Flow Case Study

Check out our awesome example of utilizing just one flow to save our client 150K per annum. 

Imagine what multiple workflows could do?

Image Source

As New Zealands leading Shopify experts and Shopify Plus Partners, Zyber are the experts you need if you’re ready to level-up your eCommerce business.


Don’t just do well, excel with Zyber.

Digital strategists, specialists, experts.
Our knowledge and experience with taking eCommerce businesses above and beyond make us the ultimate team to have on your side as your company grows.


We’re the Shopify Experts.

Zyber – New Zealand’s #1 Shopify Partner.

Our data-driven team considers a multitude of factors to ensure success for your Shopify store.
We’re here for the results, and we don’t do things by halves. 

We’ve formed a team of strategists and data specialists who aren’t just knowledgeable, they’re experts.

We wear our Shopify and Shopify Plus Partner badges with pride. 

We know we’re the best in our field. Let’s work together and make you the best in yours.


by Raihanath Bindh Latheef
July 27, 2020


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