Google and Shopify’s partnership will enable 1.7 million Shopify merchants to easily list their products across Google Shopping platforms. 

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This. Is. Huge

Earlier this month, Shopify and Google announced they’re making things even more official with a stronger integration.

This means that we can now advertise Shopify products to a new enormous high intent audience on the Google network. Including Google Shopping, Google Search, Youtube, Google Images and more. Google Photos will also enable product discovery through their images. Users will now be able to identify products inside an image and be able to shop directly through the image. Chrome is introducing a new module that will serve as an open cart reminder, encouraging users to return to their cart to complete purchases across the web. Opening a new tab will enable consumers to see their open carts. 

But wait, there’s more.

ShopPay integration within Google Search.

Shop Pay is also going to be available to shoppers directly within Google. This means shoppers will be able to checkout through Google search. As the fastest checkout opinion for Shopify merchants average at 70% faster than a typical checkout as well as boasting a 1.72 x higher conversion rate, it’s an exciting announcement for Shopify merchants. This partnership just highlights how brilliant Shopify is at thinking for the future and keeping their merchants ahead of the game. 

This feature will roll out to US merchants later this year, fingers crossed it’s not too far away for those of us in the APAC!

The integration will also allow merchants to sign up in just a few clicks to have their products appear across Google’s 1 billion “shopping journeys” that take place every day through Search, Maps, Images, Lens and YouTube.

As Shopify Experts, we work with clients on Shopify day in and day out, and we know that this partnership is only going to strengthen Shopify’s place as the best eCommerce solution available.

Read the full news article from Shopify here


by zyber2020
June 3, 2021


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