Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, old and new. While it is a great networking tool, this social site is becoming more widely used for marketing and analysis purposes. The recent successes of a young businessman are a prime example of the power that Facebook can provide to businesses.

A short six months ago, Ben Cardwell opened an online company called The Deal Man. This online retail business targets 18 to 35 year-old men in the need of affordable business clothes. A primary factor in the quick success of The Deal Man is the way that Cardwell has used the power of the internet to his advantage. The store maintains an online presence with no desire to possess a physical location. This allows hundreds, even thousands, of customers to shop all at once.

After launching his online business Cardwell immediately recognized the negative effects of spending money on advertisements that are not reaching the right people. By spending several hours each day studying things like Facebook page activity, Cardwell is able to identify his target market. This practice results in advertising dollars better spent with a higher chance of customer conversion.

This story paints a picture of the unique possibilities provided by the internet. In the form of both an internet-based company and internet marketing, going online increases and enhances your reach. To maximize your efforts and build a business primed for success, you must have an online presence.

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by Joe Coles
April 9, 2014


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