“We have an amazing chance to leverage off our digital advantage in New Zealand – we’re small and high-tech, have a solid underlying ultra-fast broadband network, and we can work while the rest of the world sleeps,” said Economic Development Minister, Phil Twyford. 

On May 14, 2020 the New Zealand Government announced a $10 million fund in the 2020 Budget – Rebuilding Together – that will focus on creating jobs and growing the economy by backing entrepreneurs and helping SMEs thrive in the digital economy. 

Regarding the fund, Robertson said, “Covid-19 has brought home the increasing importance of eCommerce for our small businesses… We are setting aside $10 million in funding to support small businesses to improve their eCommerce service offerings, and incentives/grants to encourage eCommerce adoption.

This is an incredible opportunity for businesses who have in the past put off moving into the digital space. The shift to eCommerce has changed the traditional business model with significant impact and rapidity, this change has become blatantly obvious in the midst of lockdown. Businesses who had procrastinated in making the move online, or who had settled for a subpar digital presence, were confronted with the reality of closing their doors and losing weeks, if not months, worth of revenue. One only has to look to the delays in delivery to realise eCommerce is holding the economy together. New Zealand Post has reported it is receiving, on average, more than 200 parcels every minute as the country slowly starts to move towards normality after weeks of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

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By providing such incentives and grants to encourage eCommerce and provide information and support to businesses wanting to incorporate eCommerce into their business models, the Government has demonstrated a strong recognition of the vital role eCommerce will play in post Covid-19 economic recovery. BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope says small to medium businesses are the lifeblood of New Zealand’s economy. 

“By working with small business owners, the Government can bring together the expertise and information for a speedy transition to eCommerce and digital business model,” Stuart Nash, of the Napier electorate, said in relation to the fund. 

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by Sequoia Painter
May 15, 2020


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