The good, the bad and the ugly side of HR – with MyHR

2020 has been a huge year of growth for the digital and eCommerce industries. This inevitably means teams have grown and rapid hires have taken place in a lot of businesses. Often times with rapid growth some of the business processes get left behind and HR can fall into that category. Ensuring your business is covered in the HR department can be expensive, and time consuming and when sticky situations arise, you need to make sure all your ducks are in a row. Having a team like MyHr on board will ensure that no matter the HR situation, you’ll have exactly what you need.

Jason Ennor from MyHR joined us in the studio this week for a chat about HR and how things have changed in 2020.

Listen or watch this week’s episode to learn

  • What a Working From Home policy for your team means for your business, what are your responsibilities as an employer?
  • Top 3 things to consider when undergoing rapid growth.
  • How to correctly conduct a contract termination, the things you didn’t know.
  • The services MyHR can provide to guide you through any HR-related workplace situations.

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by zyber2020
February 10, 2021

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