Why the $29 plan isn’t actually the ‘cheapest’ Shopify plan

This is the last post of this series.

I started writing these posts because I wish someone had shown me the actual difference in Shopify plans when I was choosing which one to go with.

The Shopify pricing page doesn’t demonstrate the differences well at all.

Of course I went with the $29 plan because it was the ‘cheapest’.

And I’ve typed ‘cheapest’ like that for good reason.

Because after the ridiculous amount of time & money I spent:

Trying to generate my own reports every month…
Struggling to understand & use Google Analytics…
Using and paying for several apps…
It was definitely not the cheapest option like I had thought.

When I decided it was time to finally upgrade to the $79 plan, I was instantly able to take my store to the next level.

Especially with the 3 tools below 🙂

Visitors by Search Terms

This is a great tool allows you to see exactly what shoppers are looking for in your store.

In the example above you can see that shoppers have been searching for ‘hire’ and ‘laybuy’ in the search bar. If this was your store, it may be worth adding those payment methods to your site to test them out.

If shoppers are searching for certain collections, products or tags, you should make these products more easily found.

Seeing what your shoppers are searching for also allows you to see what kind of products and brands they’re wanting to see in your store.

Creating a great opportunity for you to test out new products, knowing that your shoppers are looking for it already.

How to improve your site based on search terms:

Take note of what your shoppers are looking for
Make frequently searched products more easily found in your store
Rework menus if you think your products are organised well but shoppers are still using the search bar.

As you can see in this screenshot, the majority of traffic are viewing this site on their mobiles. And there’s even a sizable amount of people viewing it on their tablets.

Your stats may be similar. This is because the rate of internet usage on mobiles increases rapidly every year.

It’s more important than ever to make sure your site is responsive. This means that the site displays differently based on the screen size used to view the site.

Google now even penalises sites that aren’t mobile friendly, and favour the sites that are! This includes the use of popups or ‘content blockers’ that make your site hard to view.

Shopifiers tend to forget how their apps affect mobile users. They may look great on the computer, but on mobile users may be left with next to no room to view the page.

If you use apps for rewards, chat, newsletter sign up, exit offer, free shipping bar etc. take a look at your site on mobile to make sure your site is easy to navigate.

Gift Cards

A lot of people undervalue what gift cards can really do for their business.

And there’s a reason why Shopify has saved this feature for the $79 plan.

When your customer has bought a gift card, Shopify automatically generates a unique code on the card for them to redeem.

Gift Cards are a great way for you to encourage customers to come back and place another order.

Here are 2 ways to use gift cards to boost your sales:

Add Free Gift Cards to Orders
Customers love surprises. And they love free money. What better way to make their day by including a free $5 gift card to redeem on their next order?

You can add a note saying that the card needs to be used within the next month to encourage them to order again soon.

You could also set a guideline like “order total must be at least $30 before discount” to encourage the customer to spend more in order to get their $5 savings.

Offer Gift Cards with Expensive Purchases
Just like the big players of retail – offer a free gift card with the purchase of an expensive item.

For example if you sold beds, you could offer a free $100 gift card to go towards a matching product such as a luxury memory foam mattress protector.

The customer feels like they’re saving & getting freebies, while you’re increasing the order value from $2500 to $3000.

To upgrade your plan:
Log in to your store and go to:
Settings ➜ Account ➜ Click the purple ‘Upgrade Plan’ button.


Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter


by Sequoia Painter
May 8, 2019


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