When will we have SMS marketing on Klaviyo in New Zealand?

It’s the email marketing tool that we think has been mentioned almost every single episode of this podcast! We actually can’t believe it took us so long to get them on. We love them, you love them and the entire eCommerce industry loves them – Klaviyo!

We’re so excited to have Jonathan Palmer – Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo join our Shopify experts to spill all of the tea when it comes to SMS marketing and just exactly when we’ll get access to it all the way down here in NZ.

In this episode you’ll hear;

  • How SMS marketing has performed in the US 
  • Tips on growing your SMS subscriber list
  • The most successful SMS formula for sales
  • When Kiwi’s will get to access it
  • What we should be doing in preparation
  • New features coming to Klaviyo very soon.

As Klaviyo partners we’ve been shouting about Klaviyo from the rooftops for years, so it was so exciting to finally get them on an episode so you can hear from the inside just what’s going down. 


What is Klaviyo?

Seamlessly and effectively execute your digital marketing strategy. Pull in unlimited real-time data from just about anything in your marketing stack.

Klaviyo is a major email marketing and SMS marketing platform for eCommerce that enables businesses to create ultra-specific segments, automate marketing, and measure what matters. Klaviyo enables more personal, targeted communications in a matter of seconds. All relevant data is seamlessly collected and stored to enable businesses to listen, analyse and act on their customer data and ultimately deliver memorable experiences, drive more sales, and create stronger relationships.

Publish pop-ups, build abandoned cart and welcome series automations, send newsletters and design stunning templates, all without touching code.


If you’re looking for help integrating klaviyo and developing long term email marketing strategies talk to our Support & Success team.

Find out more about Klaviyo Here


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by zyber2020
July 7, 2021


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