Gorgias really is the GOAT of Customer Service Help Desks for eCommerce. Here’s Why.

In this week’s episode, we invited Jasper Koolen, Strategic Partner Manager APAC from Gorgias to join our Shopify experts.

We’ve been working with the team at Gorgias for well over a year now and we’ve watched them grow enormously and couldn’t be prouder to have them as a sponsor for the podcast!

Jasper shared what’s been happening at Gorgias HQ for the last year, what’s in the works and shared some teasers that we cannot wait to see in the next few months.

We use Gorgias as our own customer service ticketing system at Zyber and encourage all our clients to use it.

If you want to check out Gorgias and get 2 months free click here 

You can also check out our previous episode with Gorgias below.


by zyber2020
September 22, 2021


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