The Shopify Guy – Julian Bartram, Shopify NZ Community Manager.

Podcast Wednesday is back again, and we are so excited to share this episode with you.


This week our Shopify experts were joined in studio by one of our favourite people. Julian Bartram is our local go-to man for all things Shopify. Often referred to as ‘The Shopify Guy’, Julian is the New Zealand Shopify Community Manager. He is also a Shopify Merchant, running his own successful eCommerce store Body FX with his wife Yolanda. 

Julian is a Shopify native and has been connecting with other NZ merchants helping them succeed and grow. We knew having Julian on our podcast was a must, and we ended up with our longest episode to date as Julian was sharing absolute gold with us.

In this episode, you can expect to hear;

  • Advice from Julian as both a Shopify Community Manager and as a merchant. 
  • He shares his top Shopify apps and which ones are making him the most money. 
  • New changes within Shopify
  • Updates on the Shopify Subscriptions

It’s a great episode, and we really enjoyed recording it. Looking forward to sitting down again to record part 2.

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You can find Julian through his website

The apps Julian mentioned,




Judge Me 







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Thanks for listening.


by zyber2020
December 2, 2020


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