A new website visitor will often only spend a matter of seconds processing your website. That’s a few seconds to look at your website’s color, density and layout to decide whether it is worth their time. Furthermore, they only spend a few more seconds to inspect your content, assets and other things that they may find interesting. After that, if they like what they see then they will start to ‘interact’ with your website. The bottom line is that your site only has a short time to engage with, and establish trust with a visitor.

Representing your business in a trustworthy manner, while creating interesting, engagin content can be quite a challenge. Below are some best practices to ensure you employ on your website to help.



A current customer’s testimonial is one of the most effective ways to convince a new one to trust your website. True enough, authentic and prominent customer testimonials are powerful trust builders when properly distributed across multiple marketing channels – social media, email, etc. This is because reviews can give a glimpse into the customer’s experience. It would be best if you can get audio or video testimonials as they are more convincing.



Because of how obvious design can be, this trust factor is often overlooked. Design plays a big role in making or breaking your potential customer’s impression. A clean design that looks professional will give out the impression that you are legitimate and not some fly-by-night kind of business. This will increase your credibility with them even before they start browsing your websites content.


Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications are efficient trust factors because they show that you are a reputable and certified business. Awards and certifications make users feel more secure in sealing deals with you. If you have a trust symbol, then it is more likely for users to give out their personal information.


Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are more interactive tools that can help you build trust for your business. These tools allow you to directly communicate with your customers. Moreover, they will prove that you have a responsive and vibrant company that is willing to address their concerns at any time.


Transparent Business Information

Providing information about your business will also make you more reliable. Sharing information like your business address and phone number is sufficient to show that you have an actual office space with real employees, building trust and security.


by Joe Coles
August 15, 2014


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