One of the most common hurdles business owners come across when considering their online business is deciding what kind of website platform to use. This shouldn’t be a problem for businesses – the web should be easy, and in 2015, getting an effective website should be as obvious as picking nice stationary. However “Content Management Systems” have become synonymous with getting a website. With the development of the web comes the development of web tools, and as more people get online, more products enter the market trying to facilitate that.


So what is the best thing to do for businesses wanting to get a modern, effective website design?

Zyber has been in the digital space for over 6 years, and in that time we have helped hundreds of businesses get online. We genuinely believe that the best way to get results is to combine the design and support skills of digital experts, with the innovation and pure power of an effective Content Management System.
That is where Squarespace comes in.

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Modern, mobile friendly website design

Squarespace websites are built upon their powerful website templates. As Squarespace design experts, Zyber makes the most of their developer tools to customise templates to be unique and branded specifically for client needs.
All Squarespace templates are optimised to incorporate their simple content management system and are all mobile responsive, giving customers the best website experience no matter what device they are on.


Extensive platform support

The digital world is instant – no longer limited by ‘opening hours’, weekends and public holidays. Squarespace’s dedicated 24/7 email support and knowledge base means you can get help using your website when you need it. Zyber support packages offer in-depth, hands on website support when you want to deep dive into website and content changes. Your digital business, always supported and working for you.


Integration with all the tools your business uses

Automation can make the difference between a good business and a great business. Zyber Squarespace Experts can ensure your website integrates with all the tools that your business uses. From displaying your Dropbox images directly on your website, to pushing contact form submissions straight through to your Mailchimp account – Squarespace integration capabilities are always growing to help automate your business processes.

Squarespace and Xero Infographic - Zyber

As certified Squarespace Specialists – Zyber has the design and development expertise required to ensure your business can make the most of this innovative website platform. Talk to our team about your requirements and find out how you can build it beautiful.


by Joe Coles
August 26, 2015


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