Addison Clothing

Case Study

The Problem

Hayley Addison struggled to get sales on her online Maternity Clothing store, Addison Clothing. Her website frustrated her customers; they didn’t spend very long on the site, seldom made a purchase, and almost never returned to the site for another order. Plus, the website was a headache to update, and its design did not match Hayley’s brand and unique product range.


The Outcome

At Zyber, we saw that Hayley’s store would be a great fit for the Shopify eCommerce platform. With this in mind, we designed a clean, minimalist online store that emphasised the Addison brand, and let the products strut their stuff. We analyzed Hayley’s sales funnel, and put some optimizing strategies in place to increase the store‘s conversion rate, and encourage repeat customer purchases.

To make sure Addison maintained it’s organic ranking, we implemented a variety of SEO techniques including 301 redirects & backlinking. This ensured that the new website continued to show up for key search terms and brought in large amounts of organic traffic.


The Results

Since launching the new Addison online store, Hayley’s customers are spending more time on her website (increased average session time by 75%) , making more purchases (increased conversion rate by 120%), and coming back for more (increased repeat customer rate by 450%). She now has the confidence in her brand to expand Addison Clothing to the Australian market.