Bont came to Zyber with a low conversion rate and unfriendly user experience. A dive into their data revealed three distinct user journeys for each of their three personas: inline skaters, rollerbladers, and ice skaters. Our data dive also revealed the vast majority of traffic was coming via paid social media on mobile devices. 

The Zyber Solution.

Due to the flow of traffic from mobile devices, our team upheaved and redesigned the mobile experience, making it much easier for users to view products, swap colours, and select sizes on mobile.

Bont Before and After Case Study Product Page - Zyber


With the user experience optimised on both desktop and mobile, Bont’s sales increased 150%. In the period following Zyber’s implementation, Bont experienced a 22% increase in returning customer rate and a 27% increase in average order value. 

Bont Website Case Study for Zyber


Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.

The Results Speak for Themselves.

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Increase in sales
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Increase in returning customers
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Increase in avg. order value