About Face.

About Face.

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Creating a DTC Channel through Shopify.

A website that was finished at the start of the pandemic and helped relieve some of the pressure About Face was confronted with as a predominantly brick and mortar retail business. About Face is a locally owned and operated business that has provided the best skincare and high-tech treatments for their clients for over 30 years. They were previously on a custom platform with minimal ability to change their website internally, and a large pain point was that third parties were selling their products online and they couldn’t facilitate themselves.



Zyber approached About Face in 2019 and made the recommendation to replatform their website to Shopify and adopt a more DTC approach. Although About Face still wanted to feature the services they offer throughout their 7 clinics Auckland-wide, it was a no-brainer to create an eCommerce channel that enables them to sell the key products they offer. 

Enhancing UX

Our digital strategists focused on creating a positive user experience for their consumers and together we created a page dedicated to providing expert advice and recommendations for consumers which is segmented based on their skin concerns.

Since their replatform went live, About Face have seen their online sales steadily increase MoM and YoY and are constantly enjoying the benefits and rewards.

About Face Mockup and Background


Creating a community was crucial for this project, and our team developed a strategy that implemented BOGO and free gift with purchase options for consumers. We also integrated Smile, for our client’s loyalty and rewards programme. 

As About Face has a strong brick and mortar channel through their 7 clinics, our developers built a custom app to integrate their online booking platform, Zenoti to optimise their customers’ experience across all of their channels.


Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.

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