Applications - Integrations.

Your trusted solution architects.

Build a custom shopping experience with apps tailor-made to your store — without breaking the bank. Whether you need to increase AOV or simply automate store operations, Zyber can build and ship custom, high-performing applications at a fraction of the cost with Gadget. Instead of wasting time building out the basics, we focus all of our time on developing the features that actually matter to you.

Design without compromise.

Gadget handles all of the boilerplate code and infrastructure required for developing with Shopify, which lets Zyber avoid expensive, repetitive work. We can take the time to build solutions for your store that might not be possible with a traditional development process. 

Innovation without the wait.

Instead of compromising and finding ways to make your store work within Shopify’s limitations, with Gadget, we’ll make Shopify work for your store.

The benefits.

Savings from the start

Every app built with Gadget not only saves you time and money on the setup, but also on the lifetime of your app.

Best practices built-in

Gadget was founded by the same Shopify experts that built and scaled much of Shopify itself, so the full-stack infrastructure is built to last.

Minimal Maintenance

Gadget handles most of the routine maintenance for your app and automatically scales to meet your traffic needs, whether it’s one sale or a million - even on Black Friday.

Cost-effective pricing

Affordable hosting starting at USD 25 per month which includes up to 100 hours of request time per month. For more information, please visit the pricing page.

Is a custom app right for your brand?

During our in-depth consultation process, we explore every avenue to understand your needs fully. If an existing application aligns with your requirements, we'll guide you towards the perfect fit.

However, if your vision calls for something truly distinctive, the possibilities are endless.

With Zyber, you have the power to shape the solution you need, tailored precisely to your specifications. Our team of experts dives deep ensuring a meticulously crafted app with seamless functionality and exceptional user experience. When off-the-shelf solutions fall short, Zyber is your gateway to innovation.

Zyber’s Latest Custom Apps.

Logistics & Fulfilment.

Our app streamlines the order fulfilment process for BedsRus by allocating orders based on the customer's postcode, notifying the nearest store of new orders, facilitating order processing, generating invoices in Xero, and updating customers on the status of their order.

Click & Collect & Express Delivery.

We integrated into Bargain Chemist’s POS system in over 20 stores, enabling efficient order processing, order fulfilment, and fast delivery using Uber Direct and click-and-collect functionality, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

Dynamic Calculator.

For Riequip we built a calculator for trade customers to determine the appropriate generator size based on their specific equipment requirements. It simplifies decision-making and enhances the user experience on the website.

Online & In-store gift card redemption.

Zyber built an integration between Tranxactor & Shopify to seamlessly support the supply and redemption of gift cards both in-store and online. With Tranxactor, Shopify+ merchants are able to seamlessly use digital and physical gift cards between the in-store & online channels creating a true omni-channel experience.

Why Partner With Us For Your Next Custom Solution.

At Zyber, we've chosen to partner with Gadget for a simple reason: they make the complex process of app development easier by providing the boilerplate. Think of this like a home and land package - we just need to walk into the building to build out the application.

With Gadget handling the intricate infrastructure and technical details behind the scenes, we can focus on delivering the functionality and features that make your app unique. This means faster development times, lower development & ongoing costs, smoother user experiences, and ultimately, a better end product for you.