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Empowering a brand through a DTC eCommerce channel.

We have been proudly working with G-Shock since the end of 2019. G-Shock approached Zyber with a custom-built WooCommerce site that was difficult to manage and historically was only a commercial site, with no DTC functionality. 

G-Shock had some key staff members with digital experience who recognised there was a gap between their current state, and where they wanted to be, resulting in the initiation of our partnership. Traditionally, our client only sold their products directly to retailers who stocked them in their brick and mortar stores and didn’t have their own channel for engaging directly with consumers. G-Shock was competing in a digital-first environment with slick DTC brands who had powerful websites and really needed to re-think their positioning without impacting their strong commercial relationships. 

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The Zyber Solution.

G-Shock originally wanted to redesign their WooCommerce store, however preferred Shopify as a platform to use as a content management site, because of its functionality and ease of use. Our team advised them that they would need to sell DTC at some stage in the future. G-Shock explored the idea of selling directly through their website to select organisations in New Zealand, such as St John and NZ Police where they could offer a range of products. This would facilitate a balance between direct transactions through their website, while managing their commercial relationships.

Our team worked with G-Shock to complete their cross-migration for a non-transactional Shopify catalogue store by February 2020, just one month before the first national lockdown. The majority of G-Shock’s commercial retailers didn’t have an eCommerce infrastructure in place, due to the nature of being predominantly brick and mortar, therefore unable to keep a consistent revenue stream. Within one day, G-Shock was able to activate the transactional side of their Shopify site, enabling them to continue to trade during a lockdown period. They’ve never looked back!

G-Shock’s relationship with brick and mortar retailers has evolved. They now offer select ranges through their commercial retailers, and everything else is available through their eCommerce website. By being prepared with a transactional DTC website, G-Shock were able to ride out the storm of the pandemic with financial security through online sales.

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Our strategists collaborated with G-Shock to integrate Klaviyo into their business model. As a popular brand, they already had a large following on social media, however they were not leveraging this data. Integrating Klaviyo allowed synergy with their social media channels, and its flows have ultimately increased the visibility for G-Shocks’ online store.


Before & After.

Before & After.
Before & After.

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