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Hammer Hardware

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A speedy new site for one of NZ’s most iconic brands.

Zyber worked with Mitre 10 to replatform the Hammer Hardware website to Shopify, one of the first brands in New Zealand to adopt Online Store 2.0. Mitre 10 acquired Hammer Hardware, one of New Zealand’s leading home and DIY brands with nearly 50 individually owned and operated franchises. Mitre 10 upgraded their own website, and then focused their attention on the Hammer Hardware website, which was a simple brochure website and didn’t showcase their product range. The website wasn’t mobile responsive and didn’t drive any traffic into their stores.

Hammer Hardware

The Zyber Solution  

Our team worked with Mitre 10 to create a Shopify website aligned to their business goals; increasing brand awareness, creating an intuitive UX/UI and nurturing the relationship they have with the 47 stores nationwide. Shopify OS 2.0 was a no-brainer for the Hammer Hardware website, with its speed and user-friendly interface their support team could manage on an on-going basis.


Cross-migrating to Shopify

Our skilled team of Shopify experts replatformed Hammer Hardware’s brochure website to Shopify OS 2.0 so they could use the functionality to showcase their vast product range. The new website is currently non-transactional, and allows customers to view stock and make inquiries unique to their local store. 

A unique feature of the website is the out of scope, custom web form that our developers built for our client. Consumers can add products to their cart, click through to an enquiry form and their query will be directed to their local store. Zyber also set up a unique page for each of the franchise stores, linking them to a complex store locator so that users can get local, up to date information about their local store.

Enhancing UX

Customers can now view the full range of products across the brand catalogue. Zyber has indexed the entire online product range, so they can shop based on their needs, e.g. bathroom, lighting and kitchen.

The user experience (UX) has improved with Hammer Hardware’s  migrating to Shopify OS 2.0. It’s super fast, easy to navigate and relevant due to the ability of in-house support being able to update it regularly. 

Hammer Hardware Results


The Results. 

Although the current eCommerce website is non-transactional, Mitre 10 have future-proofed the Hammer Hardware business model as they can pivot swiftly to offer online transactions if and when the need arises.



What are FCP and LCP?

FCP and LCP are measurements within the Core Web Vitals, Google’s set of factors to determine site speed and user experience. First Contentful Painter measures how long it takes for your website to be rendered on screen. According to Google, a website should aim to have their FCP under 1.8 seconds. Last Contentful Painter, on the other hand, is the time it takes for the main website content to be ready for the user to interact with. A benchmark for a good UX is 2.5 seconds or less. Google considers speed when ranking websites organically, so the faster your website is, the better.

In other words, the Hammer Hardware site is speedy! 

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