Mad Paws

Mad Paws

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UX from the home to the kennel.

Mad Paws approached Zyber to support them with Dinner Bowl, their dog food subscription based website. Dinner Bowl is Australia’s healthiest dog food, which is delivered right to a dog’s kennel. Mad Paws were looking for a unique agency that could provide help with their website which had a combination of custom coding through both React and Shopify.

One of the main barriers for users to purchase was the presentation of the subscription plan. Data showed it was a key exit point with users spending a lot of time reviewing the information and not following through to the next stage. Mad Paws wanted to call out the per day pricing as a more digestible price point, but still highlight the free delivery and discount pricing to improve the overall customer experience. They also wanted the After Trial pricing to appear more visible.

Zyber Solution.

Our team worked with Mad Paws to update the Dinner Bowl website. The personalised subscription planner allows customers to enter their dogs’ details from exercise habits, size and more, to drive a healthy nutritious and personal weekly meal plan for each canine. With free delivery, no commitment and the ability to pause or cancel anytime, the owner can choose their plan and then set and forget. The outcome? The meal plan has enhanced customer experience and seen outstanding results!

MadPaws Dinner Bowl

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