27 Must Have Shopify Apps for 2017.

27 Must Have Shopify Apps for 2017.


We had a lot of questions regarding which are the best and most useful apps to use at the Auckland Shopify Meetup in February – so here’s the comprehensive list!


Exit Intent Popup

1. Privy The most popular app on Shopify for popups! Easily customisable. Offers freemium options.

2. Exit Intent for Mailchimp (free) A simple and free app for creating a popup on exit.

3. Pixelpop Lots of different options for displaying promo popups. Modern design styles.


Email marketing & AbandonDED cart automated emailS

4. Soundest Simple automated email solution.

5. Klaviyo The best email marketing solution for segmentation of your customers. You can also set up emails to go out automatically based on user behaviour.

6. Mailchimp The market leader in email marketing. Lots of Shopify apps and themes are built to integrate with Mailchimp.

7. Campaign Monitor The newest player on the field and offers a competitive price! Allows you to highly customise different email pathways based on user actions.



8. Upsell Bundles Allows you to bundle products together and display the cheaper bundle price on the product page. Encourages shoppers to buy several products at a discounted price.

9. Product Kits A cheaper and simpler solution. Tracks sales in your inventory easily.



10. Upsell Hero Prompt shoppers to add a related or cheaper product after they’ve added something to their cart.

11. Smart Upsells This app differs by displaying a pop up modal asking the user if they’d like to add a related product to the cart, after they’ve added something already.


Split Testing

12. A/B Split Test App (first test free) See if you can be charging more for your product by split testing the price, product title, description, and primary image. Start your first test free for 30 days.


SELLING & SENDING Digital Products

13. Send Owl As used by Little Ones to deliver their digital content! Allows you to bundle products.

14. Digital Downloads (free) Developed by Shopify. Allows you to upload, sell and send digital products from your store.



15. Nudge After the shopper adds something to the cart a uninvasive popup tells them they’ve only got $x to spend before they get free shipping or a reward.

16. Notifyer Customisable ‘someone just bought’ popups. Integrates with Product Reviews Add On to also display customer reviews.

17. Sales Pop (free) A free version of the FOMO (fear of missing out) type popups. Simple customisation options. Allows you to create your own notifications.

18. Fomo The original ‘someone just bought’ app! Tried and trusted. Has a dashboard for those who love to see how their popups are performing.

19. Free Shipping Bar (free) Similar to nudge but displays automatically so shoppers can see straight away how much they need to spend to get free shipping. Congratulates the shopper once they’ve hit the free shipping goal.

20. Sweet Tooth Encourage shoppers to buy more or engage more with your brand by offering loyalty points! Once they earn a certain amount, they can put their points towards future purchases.



21. Product Reviews (free) Developed by Shopify. Allows shoppers to post reviews.

22. Product Reviews Add on (freemium) A useful app that allows you to collect reviews from customers, as well as customise how your reviews look on your website.

23. Judge.Me (best for features vs. price) The underdog of the review apps. Amazing features like Yotpo, but at a cheap price of $15 USD /month.

24. Loox (best for visual reviews) The best review app if you need your reviews to provide heavy social proof. This app allows your customers to easily upload photos of them receiving, wearing or using the product.


Xero Integration

25. Xero App Integrate your sales, refunds, and view cost reports easily with Xero.


Point of Sale

26. Vend Inventory Management They’ve made some big changes to the way their app works with managing your store inventory. Check it out if you sell in store or at markets.



27. Recharge Setup and manage recurring orders easily with Recharge.




Stephani Lord-Harman
Marketing Copywriter