5 useful tips for Google Analytics.

5 useful tips for Google Analytics.

For the most up to date information on how to utilise Google Analytics, we strongly reccommend you read the following blog articles regarding Google Analytics.

Each client with Zyber is provided a login and username to check their Google Analytics at any time. This is a very powerful tool to start understanding how consumers are interacting with your website. Make sure you take advantage of our post launch review and have our specialised Account Managers break down how optimised your website is for your chosen demographic.


1. Set up your goals

When a visitor comes to your website, you want them to do something right! This action might typically be sign up to your newsletter, buy something if you are an ecommerce website, download a PDF for a product factsheet, or fill in a questionnaire. These activities are called “goals” and by setting up your goals then you will give real meaning to your analytics. Not only will you be able to report the fact that you had new email subscribers this month, you will also see how they how they discovered your website. And quite simply, without goals, your analytics loses purpose.


2. Exclude your own traffic

Your analytics only wants to report your visitors’ activity, and not count the time you spend visiting your own site. You can configure your analytics to exclude your own visits to your website, and indeed to exclude the visits from your web development team.


3. Set up your dashboard

Many analytics users find the amount of data overwhelming, and often don’t understand or need all the data that is being presented to them. You can cut your analytics down to size by setting up a dashboard that contains the essential data you need to manage your organisation.


4. How customers discover your business: Branded vs non-branded traffic

Businesses are always looking to reach new customers, and search engines are a primary way new visitors can discover your website. What phrases would your target customer use if they did not know yet that you exist? You can set up a report in your analytics that will show you visitors from the search engines to your website using phrases that do not contain your company or branded name. Want to increase your search engine traffic? Talk to your account manager today about our Excting SEO campaigns that are guaranteed to get your business on 1st page of google.


5. Set up your Social Channels

Analytics is getting better at tracking social media activity, and you can configure your analytics to know which social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) are yours. Not only can you report traffic to your website coming in from your social channels, but you can also now report on how effective your social activity is in assisting conversions. As an example, how many visitors from your Facebook page came onto your website, and looked at specific product or service pages.