50th episode with Kurt ‘Tech Nasty’ Elster.

50th episode with Kurt ‘Tech Nasty’ Elster.

50th episode of Talk’n Shopify with Zyber!

What an exciting journey it has been, from starting out to share our eCommerce expertise with clients, to creating our own podcast studio. This milestone also marks the end of Season 3 and to celebrate, we couldn’t think of a better person to hype us up on our show than the guy behind The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, Kurt ‘Tech Nasty’ Elster. He even provided his own sound effects!

Based in Illinois, Kurt is an entrepreneur, husband, father, CEO, co-founder of Ethercycle and host of The Official Podcast with over 380 podcast episodes. How the heck do you get a Shopify store to 7-figures? Ethercycle is an agency like us, designed for successful Shopify entrepreneurs and Kurt’s been answering this question for years.



Watch or listen to this episode as we chat about some of our trending favourites:

  • Growth of eCommerce industry: We unpick why both of our agencies decided to focus exclusively on Shopify as a web platform.
  • Black Friday: Kurt provides insight into what Black Friday is like in America, predictions for selling in 2022, and his top selling techniques to really add value for consumers.
  • Tech stack: The power of technology enabling data driven decisions and how Zyber’s picks compare to those of Ethercycle. 
  • Shopify: Well this includes basically everything from Shopify markets to flows to Hydrogen. Kurt also shares why the mote around Shopify Plus is getting smaller.
  • Web 3.0: We discuss the concepts of Web 3.0, the “buzz words” associated with it and why Kurt is excited for what’s to come!


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